Motigo: invite your biggest fans to become your personal cheering squad!


May 1 will be the start of the 2nd edition of Virtual Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend! It’s no secret that it will not include spectators, live cheering, and physical support from thousands of runners and volunteers. Many participants depend on this inspiring fuel to complete their race. That’s where Motigo comes in.

Motigo allows your biggest supporters—family, friends, and race volunteers—to record personalized cheers and messages for you to listen to, through a mobile device, along your route. Those meaningful voices will be there when you need inspiration, a gentle reminder or when your mind needs a distraction. No need to take out your phone to text someone to get support, these cheers play automatically when you need support the most, just like a live event. 

I had never used Motigo or anything like it before, I wasn’t sure how it worked. I thought maybe there were speakers along the route for people to hear so I yelled out my messages when recording. I found out later that the messages are broadcast through the runner’s headphones. It was so much fun recording inspirational messages and cheering at those points along the route that could prove to be challenging. I felt like I was there, waiting for my runner to come along. I highly recommend it to everyone.”—Vicki Bencze, Run Ottawa member

Beyond your own cheer squad, there might be something you want to remind yourself to do or cheer yourself on! Keep your pace and mind strong with the help of Motigo!

It’s easy to set up, record, and play! Follow the step-by-step instructions below on how to use Motigo for both you – the runner and your cheer squad and get ready for race day!


  1. Download Motigo on your iPhone, Android or iPad. 
  2. Search ‘Tamarack Ottawa Virtual Race Weekend’ and select your race distance.
  3. Establish your race day. For your cheer squad to record messages, they will need to pick your race date on the application. PLEASE NOTE: If you change your race day after your team has recorded the messages, they will need to re-record them on your new race day.
  4. Gather your cheer squad! Click ‘Share Event’ so your supporters can find your race and distance to send their cheers via Motigo app or on the Motigo website. Send the link to your fans via email or share the link on your social media channels to encourage your friends, family, and supporters to record cheers before your race. For example:

Hi everyone! I’m running the Scotiabank Ottawa Virtual Marathon! Without the live support of spectators along the course, I know I’ll need more than my Spotify playlist to keep me going. If you have some time, could you record some motivating words and cheers for me on Motigo? Please follow the link below…it’s really user-friendly! Thank you so much for your ongoing support…I can’t wait to complete my first marathon with the help of my biggest supporters! 

  1. On your selected race day, select ‘Start Event’ and encouraging words will automatically play throughout your race at the various kilometre markers.

CHALLENGE RUNNERS: Your fans can record messages for each distance at any kilometre marker EXCEPT the 2K race. 


  1. Visit to create an account or download Motigo on your iPhone, Android or iPad. 
  2. Select “Record Cheers” 
  3. Search ‘Tamarack Ottawa Virtual Race Weekend’ and the distance your runner is participating in.
  4. Find your runner and choose a kilometre marker you want your cheer to play at.
  5. CHEER THEM ON! Choose nice, encouraging words that you know will help them push themselves, put a smile on their face and achieve their goals. We suggest not mentioning the amount of time passed/left or how many kilometres are left.
  6. Save your cheer and it will play automatically on their race day! You can record as many cheers as you like.

As a runner, it’s nice to know there are people rooting for you every step of your race. Motigo allows your virtual race experience to include your biggest supporters to help you reach your goals, strengthen your mind and keep you going! You may be running this race solo but you don’t have to do it alone!

Read the complete Motigo FAQs here: