Join the Desjardins Charity Challenge

If you are already registered for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend and wish to run for a charity please follow these instructions.

With the launch of the Charity Challenge at Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend in 2015, participants and their generous donors have raised over $5 million dollars for local and national charities.

Ready to run for a cause you believe in and win prizes? This is a great opportunity to give back to your community, through a fun, accessible, and fulfilling event. With access to online fundraising tools and support, it’s never been easier!

You can sign-up for the Desjardins Charity Challenge individually, as part of an existing team, or start your own team in 3 simple steps:

STEP 1. Select the charity you would like to fundraise for!
Review the list of official charities of the 2024 Desjardins Charity Challenge. Choose the one you’d like to fundraise for.
Would you like to raise money for a charity that is not listed? For more information please visit the Official Charity page

STEP 2. Sign-up for the Desjardins Charity Challenge and your race at the same time!
Register for a Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend event and select one of the following options during the registration process:

  • I’d like to create a new fundraising team‘ which will prompt you to create your own team and select your charity; or 
  • I’d like to join an existing fundraising team‘ which will prompt you to select a charity or an existing team.

Once you’ve completed the registration, you will receive two confirmation emails:

  • A Transaction Receipt, which includes your race entry confirmation number;
  • An email with a link to access your personal or team fundraising page so you can customize it.

STEP 3. Start fundraising!
Customize your personal or team fundraising page. Add some photos and share your story with your friends, family, and colleagues through email, social media, or by hosting your own fundraising initiatives. Be sure to share updates about your fundraising efforts on social media by using @ottawaracewknd, #DesjardinsCharityChallenge and #RunOttawa2024 and your charity’s social media handle.