Athletes with Disabilities

The organizers of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend are committed to breaking down the barriers between people with disabilities and able-bodied participants by offering races that are fun, safe and inclusive for everyone.

To accomplish this goal, the organizers strive to offer the same level of access to opportunities and activities, so athletes, both able-bodied and disabled, can accomplish their goals and achieve their full potential.

On this page, you will find information for athletes with visual impairments and athletes with wheelchairs.

If you are a disabled athlete and would like to participate in the race weekend, please email

Visual Impairment

We encourage runners who are blind or visually impaired to register for the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. We have established special categories in the Ottawa 10 km, the Ottawa ½ Marathon and Ottawa Marathon.

This opportunity is available to participants who are legally blind. Guide runners may participate along with blind and visually impaired athletes at no additional cost through a special registration form.

To register for the VI categories race via the normal online process, participants will require a code, which can be obtained from race organizers by emailing, or by contacting Achilles Ottawa, a running club created as a community of support for blind and visually impaired runners and guides in the city, at

Wheelchair participants

The Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend welcomes the participation of athletes requiring the use of a wheelchair. There are two categories for wheelchair participation: Racing Wheelchair and Recreational Wheelchair.

Racing Wheelchair (Push Rim only)

The Racing Wheelchair division is open to competitive wheelchair athletes who are using a wheelchair designed for road racing competition in accordance to the Wheelchair Requirements as set out in section 14 of the International Paralympic Committee’s Athletics 2014-2015 Rules and Regulations. It is the athlete’s responsibility to remain up-to-date on the rules and wheelchair requirements outlined by the IPC. Wheelchairs may be examined prior to start or after the finish of the event

Racing Wheelchair participants must wear a helmet. Racing Wheelchair participants will start ahead of the Elite field in the Ottawa 10K and Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon.*

*Only the Ottawa 10K and Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon have a Racing Wheelchair category.

Note: The use of hand cranks, levers, motors or mechanical gears (e.g. hand cycles) are NOT permitted in the Racing category.

Racing Wheelchair athletes are advised to contact prior to registration and for more information about category prizes and start line timing.

Recreational Wheelchairs

The race weekend is open to all recreational wheelchair participants. Recreational Wheelchair participants will start in the Red corral of each event or possibly in an earlier corral depending on participants planned pace.

For the safety of all participants, wheelchair participants must follow the rules and regulations that apply to other participants, and should follow accepted runners’ etiquette in sharing the road. Motorized wheelchairs are permitted as long as they are used at a pace safe for other participants. Motorized wheelchairs are placed in later corrals (X, Y, Z). They are not permitted in early starting corrals (corrals A, B, C). All wheelchair participants are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet. Wheelchair participants must also ensure that their wheelchair is in good condition and can be controlled on any incline or decline that may be encountered on the course

Recreational Wheelchair participants use the same online registration system as other participants and are encourage to use the medical information section to provide any critical medical information to officials. Recreational Wheelchair participants should choose the Walker/Recreational Wheelchair category.