Elite Athlete Policy & Guidelines

Run Ottawa believes in fair and transparent treatment of all athletes regardless of nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation and expect all our visiting athletes to treat fellow athletes, agents, volunteers, sponsors and organizers with the same respect and receive the same respect. We also respect the privacy of all participants. Run Ottawa also believes in the value of fair play and sportsmanship and expect all athletes to compete under the rules of World Athletics and WADA.

Run Ottawa therefore follows the described policies when it comes to elite athletes and their agents. These policies are applicable unless there is an agreement between the organization and the athlete/agent that precedes it.

Expectations of an athlete visiting Run Ottawa

Run Ottawa will always work to ensure you are fully aware of the expectations on you and work to ensure your primary purpose, racing well, is first and foremost looked after. As a visiting athlete who has received Run Ottawa benefits such as travel, accommodation, race entry and in some cases appearance fees the following is expected of the athlete.

  1. Be cooperative and respectful of our staff, partners, sponsors and volunteers who all make this event possible.
  2. Be cooperative and respectful of other athletes and their agents.
  3. Play fair and follow the rules of the sport. Attend the technical meeting to ensure you are aware of any event specific information critical to prevent being disqualified.
  4. Make all efforts to be available for media conferences or media appearances.
  5. Make all efforts to comply with organizers request for attending other support events such as for example school or sponsor appearances, VIP receptions.
  6. Under no circumstance attend functions or events that are commercially or politically beneficial to organizations or companies by having the athlete attend. We brought you to the event, we must always know what public or private functions you are attending and for what reasons.

Failure to comply may lead to you not being invited back in the future or possibly even challenge the moneys being paid to you.

Booking & payment of travel

In the cases where Run Ottawa is providing travel compensation (flights, hotel, rail, taxi etc) to the athlete and/or agent Run Ottawa expects the following to apply:

  1. To facilitate the athletes preferred travel schedule the athlete/agent is responsible for booking their personal travel arrangements.
  2. It is mandatory for the highest level of insurance/cancellation protection to be selected for all travel. Run Ottawa will NOT reimburse the travel fees if the highest level of insurance cancellation protection has not been selected.
  3. All travel will always be in economy class at the best available rate.
  4. There is no restriction on which airline carrier can be used.
  5. Always notify Run Ottawa as soon as possible in case of travel changes and delays to ensure we can arrange for your local travel and media appearances (as applicable)
  6. Where Run Ottawa is providing full travel reimbursement the athlete/agent must to provide the booking information for approval prior to purchase.
  7. Where Run Ottawa is providing only partial (for example a set fee has been arranged) or no travel reimbursement then no approval is required.
  8. Reimbursement for travel will occur at the time of prize money & appearance money being paid (roughly 3-4 weeks after the event, doping delay may apply).


Where Run Ottawa has agreed to provide the athlete/agent with accommodations during their stay the following will apply;

  1. Rooms are booked on a double occupancy basis and unless prearranged the room will be shared with another elite athlete
  2. The athlete will be required to provide a credit card or $200 deposit upon check-in to cover any incidental charges such as phone, internet, movies, etc. Any incidental charges not paid will be taken off the appearance/prize monies or invoiced to the athlete/agent afterwards.
  3. Any damage to the hotel will be paid for by the athlete/agent and may be deducted off their appearance/prize monies. Athlete are expected to treat other hotel guests and staff with respect and courtesy
  4. The checkout time of the hotel must be followed and is typically noon of the day they are departing. If the athlete is departing late on Sunday, the elite athlete suite will be available to wait in until 6pm.

Doping Policy

Run Ottawa fully complies and cooperates with the programs in place by Athletics Canada (AC), Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, World Athletics and the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). We expect all athletes to also play fair. Athletes under any kind of suspension by these governing bodies will not be allowed to compete, however Run Ottawa does not extend additional bans on Athletes beyond the bans in place by CCES, CAS and WADA.

Payment of Appearance Money

If there is an agreement between the athlete/agent for appearance or time bonus money, the following is applicable for fee payment:

  1. Appearance fees are not paid prior to the event but are paid when Run Ottawa sends the prize money the athlete has been awarded. This is typically 3-4 weeks after the event unless the athlete was selected for doping control as required by World Athletics in which case the payment will be processed after we receive notification that there were no findings associated with the test. Historically the doping test cycle takes roughly 5 weeks.
  2. If the athlete does not start the race for any reason (sickness, injury, etc) then no appearance fee will be paid.
  3. If Run Ottawa has to cancel the race for reasons beyond our control, then payment will be as follows:
  • If the cancellation is before the athlete departs for the race then no appearance fee will be paid.
  • If the cancellation is after the athlete departs but more than 24hrs before the start of the race then 50% of the appearance fee will be paid
  • If the cancellation is less than 24hrs before the race then 100% of the appearance fee will be paid.

Payment of prize money policy

All Run Ottawa prize money is paid roughly 3-4 weeks after the event unless the athlete had been selected for doping tests as required by World Athletics in which case the payment will be processed after we receive notification that there were no findings associated with the test. Historically the doping test cycle takes roughly 5 weeks

While payment will usually be done by cheque (particularly for athletes in US & Canada), the organization will wire transfer the money if requested & the necessary banking details are provided.

Additional Helpful Hints:

  1. Applying for a VISA: Ensure that you have an invitation from the organization. Ensure that any previous international travel by the athlete is well documented in the application.
  2. Travel: Some airlines no longer provide meals as part of the fare but only provide it with payment from a credit card. If this is the case, ensure that the athlete either takes money to buy food in the airport, has a credit card to pay for a meal or has a meal pre-paid for as part of the ticket.
  3. Canada Border Services Agency:
  • As of March 15, 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens, and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents are not eligible to apply for an eTA.
  • Familiarize yourself with CBSA rules prior to travel
  • Ensure that the athlete carries the invitation from the organization with them as customs has been known to request it to ensure the athlete has a place to stay, costs covered & etc. Having a visa alone is not always sufficient.
  • Ensure the running shoes do NOT have any mud on them. If they do, customs may decide to confiscate them or clean them (but there is a charge for this).
  • Never travel with food, or if you do you must declare it in which case it may be confiscated.

If you have any questions, please email the Elite Coordinator,  Stephen Andersen.