Running Room Pace Bunnies

We will have the largest and likely best group of pace bunnies (aka pacers) in Canada at the 2020 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Pacers are experienced runners who will be running an even pace to help runners stay on their own pace and reach their desired finish time.

Pacers will be available for the Ottawa 10K, the Scotiabank Ottawa ½ Marathon and the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon. Our Running Room Pace Bunnies (the people wearing bunny ears and carrying pace signs) are supported this year by the Running Room and Saucony.

Pacers will be available at Boston qualifying times in the marathon and all pacers will be running chip time with the goal to be within 1 minute of their target time or within 30 seconds in the 10K.

The Running Room Pace Bunnies will be in their corrals 20 minutes prior to their start time. Look for their signs to find your pace bunny and use them to situate yourself in the corrals according to your planned pace. If you’re a spectator, use the pacers to help you find your runners on the course.

The Running Room Pace Bunnies will be on hand at the Health and Fitness Expo on Friday and Saturday to answer your questions.

You can also drop by to meet them at the Running Room Friendship Run, date and location TBD. There you can meet Running Room founder John Stanton in a meet and greet that’s followed by a short warm up run and a light breakfast. A great way to start the day!

A number of pacers will be participating in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge as part of the Pacers Give Back program. If you are interested in donating or raising funds as a runner, register for the Scotiabank Charity Challenge.

We will be having continuous pacers, run-walk pacers (doing 10:1) and walk-only pacers.

Below is a list of our planned pacer times:

Ottawa 10K

Continuous: 40 min, 45 min, 50 min, 55 min, 60 min, 65 min, 70 min
Run-Walk: 50 min, 55 min, 60 min. 65 min, 70 min, 75 min

Scotiabank Ottawa Half-Marathon

Continuous: 1:301:351:401:451:501:552:002:052:102:152:202:30
Run-Walk: 1:451:501:552:002:152:202:30
Walk Only: 2:453:003:15

Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

Continuous: 3:003:053:103:153:203:253:303:353:403:453:503:554:004:104:154:30
Run-Walk: 4:004:104:154:204:304:455:005:30
Walk Only: 6:00

Need help calculating Run-walk paces? Use the Ottawa Run pace calculator!

Specific inquiries for the Ottawa Pace Bunny team can be sent to