Warm weather running must-haves

Racing season has slowed down for the summer. That could mean the beginning of a new marathon training plan, casual cottage runs on rolling dirt roads, or anything in between. We asked the Run Ottawa members to share what running gear or apparel they consider a must have for warmer temperatures. Their top choices varied from ways to stay hydrated to cooling run apparel to sunscreen (don’t forget to reapply).

Here is list of their top items:

“If I’m running in the city, shorts.”

– Mark Wigmore

“An Asics singlet to wear on my runs when it’s 30C.”

– Lydia Butler

“My running shorts with two pockets, one for my phone and one for water.”

– Jo-Anne Belliveau

“My relaxed fit sleeveless tee to keep cool and comfy while pounding out the kms.”

– Cathy Xenson

Singlets and shorts were by far the most popular must have items suggested by Run Ottawa members. Make sure the run apparel you choose in the summer is made with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. 

“My running belt for water and my phone. I once fell and got an ankle fracture and didn’t have my phone so now I never forget it!”

– Denise Murch-DAmours

“My hydration pack. I have a 1L and a 3L depending on how hot it is and how far I’m going. Of course sunscreen and a hat are also necessary if I don’t want to end up looking like a tomato!”

– Marie-Pascal Berthelot

“A handheld water bottle! Because I’m always thirsty.”

– Katrina Byrd 

“Definitely a hydration vest on long runs. Summer training is no joke if you’re dehydrated.”

– Dan Pak

“For long runs, a hydration pack with lots of pockets so I can carry water, salt tabs, gels and/or fruit bars.”

– Clare Gallant

Hydration systems of varying sizes and styles were the next most popular item on the list. Run Ottawa members know that preventing dehydration is crucial when running in warmer temperatures.  

“A sun visor. It helps with a bit of sun coverage and stops the sweat from coming into my eyes.”

– Soo Owens

“Sunglasses and visors!! I won’t tell you how many of each I have. The heat and sun just do me in and I can’t live without these two things in the summer.”

– Kimberley Stiff

Hats, sweat bands, sun visors and sunglasses (Goodrs being the top choice by far) were an often mentioned list item. Keeping the sun’s rays off of your face and out of your eyes can be an important part of running safely in the sun.

“My headphones. For the life of me I can’t run without music if I am not with friends.”

– Tegan Chappell

“Sunscreen! Sun Bum is my absolute favourite brand.”

– Suzanne Robertson

“Is a post run beer considered gear? If not, then sunscreen.”

– Bee Cee

“Sunscreen! Because sunburns are worse than black toenails.”

– Krista Moreau

Headphones, earbuds and sunscreen topped off the list of most mentioned warm weather running must haves. Many Run Ottawa members noted that a combination of sweat resistance and high SPF were key factors in the sunscreen that they chose.