Take part in the Goggins Challenge and raise funds for ABLE2!

Rob Meredith has set down a mental and physical endurance goal challenging the most hearty of athletes, the Goggins Challenge! For 48 hours, this March 4 to 6, he’s going to run 4 miles every 4 hours. Yes! For some, this time of year may kick-off the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend training season, but Meredith has been preparing for this since October. The Goggins Challenge has been launched, and there are relay and modified options for you to participate and raise funds for ABLE2 too. 

Meredith has committed time and resources to ABLE2 as a board member, friend, and volunteer fundraiser. Last year, Meredith ran the Tartan Ottawa International Marathon in memory of his friend of 11 years who passed away during the pandemic. He was the person who got Meredith into running, and he asked Meredith to keep going with this effort in his absence.

Friends are a precious resource. Through matches at ABLE2, friends at all spectrums of ability are matched by social workers with allies based on similarities. These people are connected to develop a friendship, not as a caregiver—they go for walks, activities, games, coffees, and explore other shared interests. 

Meredith matched with Ted eleven years ago and developed a friendship. Meredith connected with Ted’s roommate, Fred, and became friends with him too. “Fred isn’t into running like Ted was, but he listens to my stories,” shared Meredith. Now Meredith has been matched with a new person and commits to connecting each week. 

“I am setting out to inspire the people who inspire us,” Meredith says, “Each day, living with disabilities can be an endurance event. Simple things like transportation or medical administration can be much more difficult with mental or physical differences.”

The mission of ABLE2 is to work with partners to provide the tools, choices and connections that empower people living with disabilities to build lives of meaning and joy.

When asked about the time and investment in community within a culture of leadership and high performance at the Royal Bank of Canada, Meredith responded that his colleagues and employer have been incredibly supportive, even awarding him an RBC Global Citizens Award for his marathon in honour of Ted. Although Meredith says his life has been enriched through his connection to ABLE2.

“The joy from these interactions is immeasurable. I have made great friends, and my kids get to see the joy of giving to their community, they also got an Uncle Ted and Uncle Fred. When I look at the division of hours in my week, how do I not carve out a few hours dedicated to making the world a kinder and better place? There is so much to be gained by pushing ourselves to be doing the things we may not feel like doing. In the culture of business there is so much division and I would like to model us embracing and supporting each other.”

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend ABLE2 teams have brought many friends to train and run together, while raising funds for the organization. This year carries optimism since many will be back to meeting and training in-person. While many people are starting to consider their spring training plans, Meredith has been training for Goggins Challenge each day, running his 7 kilometre route no matter if the thermometre reads -2 or -40.

There is time to join the Goggins Challenge and make your 4x4x48 commitment! Run or move, it is up to you! Register here! If you can’t participate please donate

ABLE2 would love to have more people on their team for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, if you are waiting for another challnge!