Recommended Reading: Float On

Reid Coolsaet’s blog, Float On, is definitely on our daily reading list. As you probably now know, Reid is a marathoner, a member of Canada’s 2012 Olympic team (see above), one of the top distance runners in the world, and an all around swell guy. As it turns out, he’s also a stellar scribe. And when he writes about training schedules or race day or life in the Olympic village or travelling in France or even cleaning out his parents’ attic, we pay close attention. Not only because we love getting a glimpse into the life of a killer athlete who runs up to 240 kilometres a week in the thick of training, a guy who places 27th in the world on an off day, but also because he has an honest, compelling voice. Plus, the title of his blog seems to reference a pretty sweet old Modest Mouse song – one that wouldn’t be out of place on your next running mix. To check out his awesome blog, click here.