Making a difference, with every step

By Ian Fraser, Run Ottawa’s Executive Director

Each fall, when we open up registration for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend we look forward to the rollout of the Desjardins Charity Challenge. In the last two years, the event has raised over 2 million dollars with over 6 million dollars since the program’s inception. The Desjardins Charity Challenge includes over 60 charities both big and small and what they all have in common is a commitment to bettering the lives of people in the community. The Run Ottawa team takes great pride in working with each one of our charities and reminding our participants that every dollar counts. For those of you who can give, we are grateful.

For the second consecutive year, I am pleased and honoured to be raising funds for Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre (ORCC) through our Desjardins Charity Challenge program and my team ‘Strides 4 ORCC’. With just over 4 months to go until Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, I’m excited to be running daily to help raise money and awareness for the vital role ORCC plays in our community. 

Survivors of sexual violence often face a daunting and confusing path to healing. The work ORCC does to support survivors through counseling and education has never been more important. As a runner, I love the freedom of lacing up my shoes and heading outside for some fresh air, a great workout, and a chance to clear my mind. Being able to move around our city safely and without fear however, is not everyone’s reality. Cis women, transgender, two-spirit, gender-fluid, and non-binary residents should have the freedom to run and walk our city at any time of day or night. The effects of sexual violence impact physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.  

Prior to joining Run Ottawa as its Executive Director, I had the honour of helping ORCC organize and execute a local spin-a-thon to raise much-needed funds for their programs. Year over year we raised more dollars and helped many survivors on their path to healing. 

Follow me on instagram (@idfraserinotown) as I run over 1200 kilometres and visit seven Ontario cities en route. In each city, I will be joining local running groups, and promoting the Desjardins Charity Challenge and Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend while raising money towards Strides 4 ORCC’s $10,000 goal

Thank you for being a part of our community and thank you for your support.

Register for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend and sign up for Desjardins Charity Challenge!