Eat and Run: Chocolate Banana Recovery Shake

You need food to fuel your body – to help you push further, to run faster, to perform at the highest possible level. But food should be more than just fuel. It should also be a pleasure to prepare and eat. Each month, we share a simple, nutritious recipe to help stoke your energy for the race, or help replenish energy spent during long training miles.

We all need a little help with recovery after the myriad stresses and indulgences of the holidays – not to mention those first grueling runs of the New Year. This particular form of recovery features the ever-tasty combo of chocolate and banana and takes scant minutes to prepare. It also delivers a magic 4:1 carb:protein ratio designed to re-energize spent muscles and replenish depleted glycogen levels. Exactly what your body needs as it adjusts to the rigors of a brand new training regime.

Ingredients (Makes 1 Large Glass)
•1 banana
•1 egg white
•1 tsp honey
•200ml skimmed milk
•2 ice cubes or a tbsp crushed ice
•3 tsp high-quality hot chocolate (drinking chocolate)

1.Separate the yolk from the egg white and pour the egg white into the blender. Roughly chop a banana and add to the blender.
2.Add the ice, milk and drinking chocolate.
3.Blend at full speed until smooth.
4.Pour into a chilled glass and drink.

This month’s recipe is from GoFasterFood.