Discover Ottawa: Gatineau Park

Ask locals about what they love about living in Ottawa and it won’t take long to hear about Gatineau Park, a stunning piece of nature managed by the National Capital Commission. Thanks to Gatineau Park, Ottawans can get from the middle of the city to the middle of nature in a matter of minutes – a huge benefit for a city of almost a million people.

A destination for outdoor enthusiasts since the late 1800s, Gatineau Park is a 361-square kilometre outdoor playground beloved by hikers, campers, trail runners, swimmers, bikers, and cross-country skiers. With a wide range of services, pathways and activities, there is something in Gatineau Park for everyone – including runners looking for some hill workouts – all year round!

While a rigorous hike the day before or after your marathon may not be on the agenda, there are lots of less strenuous activities that still let you get out into the beauty of Gatineau Park’s forests and hills.

Things to do on a trip to Gatineau Park:

For more information about things to do at Gatineau Park, check out the Visitor Information page which has information about the Park’s Visitor Centre.

Be sure to also check out the Tourisme Outaouais website for other fun things to do in the Gatineau Park area (like a visit to the spa after your marathon!).

Photo: NCC-CCN Gatineau Park