Summer running 2016: Run Ottawa members share their highlights

Ahhh… summer in Ottawa can be a glorious time of the year for a runner—filling our lungs with fresh air from sunrise to sunset and everything in between and hitting the multitude of trails and paths the the National Capital region has to offer. As summer winds down, we asked Run Ottawa members to share their ‘Summer running moments’, and we discovered that although summer running can mean different things for different members, there are some common themes:

Running under the rain in Ottawa and in Nevada desert by break of dawn. Every and each breath and feeling is unforgettable. Gleb Otochkin


Running over a draw bridge to the RMC grounds. Stephanie Gordon


The freedom of trail running on vacation at home in Newfoundland and getting that salty Atlantic air into my lungs. Kerry Lake Kealey


In the summer I like to hit up the local trails to find some shade! We’ve got some nice ones out in Kanata 🙂 And when I’m downtown I love to run along the river, especially on Sunday bike days. It’s invigorating to see everybody out enjoying the weather. Rebecca Skinner


I’m a bit injured at the moment so I haven’t been running very much, but I replaced running with riding my MTB on the Prescott-Russell trail near my house.  If you haven’t checked it out, it’s totally worth it. Brian Barber


For some, it’s not about where they run, but it’s simply about the moment and what that can bring to the inner spirit:



Chasing goals and experiencing new things!! Leanne Dale Richardson


For some members the summer of 2016 was about getting ready for a race:

Getting ready for the Toronto Zoo race! 🙂 Stefanie Kotschwar


RaymondPrenoveau (1)

Scorcher out there this afternoon. Trying to get in some mileage training for the army run. Eileen Mortimer


For others, it was about the finish line of a summer race:

My twins first Canada day run and my oldest second. Patrick Lebrun


It was my third time doing this annual 8k race, and as usual it was a hot, muggy evening. The road to the finish has a slight decline, so I was able to get up a good speed and leap up for a heel-click. It was my way of celebrating an enjoyable, Scottish-themed race.

I have a few wonderful highlights from my summer running, but this was the “highest” of my highlights. Ian Hunter (2016 Perth Kilt Run)


You can see more of Ian’s photos from the 2016 Perth Kilt Run and several of Run Ottawa’s past events, including the Free Saturday 5K series (presented by Sports4) on his flickr site.

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