A group for french-speaking people and newcomers that love running

Gregory Marc gladly accepted to talk about his running group: Run in Montreal.

How did Run in Montreal get started? When did it all begin?

I’m a seasoned runner and I created the group when I arrived in Canada in September 2017. I recruited members through social media and some acquaintances.

The first months, I was planning two outings per week.The first year, we were 6-7 regulars (all french-speaking people).Today, we have many outings per week! The regulars became good friends of mine and help me to plan all the outings when I can’t be there.

What is your running group all about? What sets you apart from other groups?

As a group, we want to have fun while running, push our limits and challenge ourselves like registering for a 10K, a half marathon, a marathon or even a 120K ultra trail event for the craziest of us!

How has Run in Montreal changed during the pandemic?

There were more and more runners on Tuesday nights, so I proposed other outings during the week to reduce the number of participants on Tuesday night. Unfortunately at times we had to suspend our outings since there were too many COVID cases. But we’re still getting prepared for the next events, including the Tartan Ottawa International Marathon and Ottawa Half Marathon in May!

Who comes out to run with your group? When someone chooses Run in Montreal, what are they looking for?

Mainly french-speaking people and newcomers. We welcome all runners, no matter their level (beginners, fast runners and those who resume training after recovering from an injury). Members want to have a good time, get advice, push their limits, change their mind or find motivation because, let’s be honest, running alone can be boring after a while. 

Do you have any interesting stories to share with us?

I have two! Our group leads to amazing friendships and even love! And from this love story, a little human was born a few months ago. 

We also participate in great challenges, like crossing the Lac Saint-Jean mid-February, which is a 33K run in freezing temperatures! Seven or eight members of our group participated in the event.

Where is your favourite place to run?

During winter, we love running on Mount Royal or in Frederic-Back Park. These places are perfect for runners since there is little to no ice on the ground.In summer, we run everywhere: Lafontaine Park, along the Rivière des Prairies, Jean-Drapeau Park, Jarry Park, Maisonneuve Park, Frederic-Back Park, Old-Port or Verdun (along the St. Lawrence River). But our favourite place is definitely Mount Royal!

If you’re looking to join a run group in Montreal, here are 8 opportunities to join Run in Montreal:

  • Monday evening in Lafontaine Park (approximately 10 km)
  • Tuesday morning in Jarry Park (5-6 km)
  • Tuesday evening – One outing in Verdun and one on Mount Royal
  • Thursday evening – One outing on a Mount Royal trail (one for beginners and one for experts), one outing in Jarry Park and one outing in Lafontaine Park (5 km)
  • Saturday morning in Maisonneuve Park
  • Sunday morning – One long outing (15-25 km) in Montreal

Follow the group on Strava (RuninMontréal) and Instagram. Run in Montreal also has a private group on Facebook.