Winter Running – What to put on your feet!

Running in winter can be challenging but if you are doing a spring marathon you either need to run outdoors or really love the treadmill. Dress right and it can be a great way to enjoy the winter. Another great way to enjoy winter running is to sign up for a winter race. Bushtukah is excited once again to be the presenting sponsor at the Richmond Road Races which takes place on January 12.

Whether you’re training or racing in the winter, here are some tips about what to put on your feet:

  1. Socks

Want to keep your feet warm? Ditch the high tech socks and buy merino wool. They don’t need to look pretty and they don’t need to be run socks (although you may need to use run socks so they fit in your shoes.) You’ll also want to buy a sock with a high enough cut that your ankles stay covered!

Icebreaker makes some great winter running socks in merino wool.

  1. Shoes

Regular running shoes have lots of ventilation which is great in summer but chilly in winter. One option is to buy a Gore-Tex or other specialized winter running shoe. Another option is to simply add some duct tape to the upper of a pair of your existing shoes for cold days. High quality duct tape works, but it may leave a sticky residue on your shoes, and it sometimes falls off. Also note that the salt on the sidewalk is a bad for your shoes, as it is for everything else you own, so don’t expect your shoes to last as long in winter as they do in the summer.

One of our favourite winter running shoes is the Saloman Speedcross CS (the CS stands for Climashield)

  1. Traction Aids

Yaktrax Run and Ice Trekkers will both give you some extra traction on icy days. The homemade solution is putting some sheet metal screws in the bottom of an old pair of runners. This works but it also definitely limits how and when you will ever use the shoes again! None of these work that well on really solid ice, but they can help.

Have fun winter running and see you at the Richmond Road Races!