What is Kids Run Ottawa?

Kids Run Ottawa is a community-based initiative developed to get kids up and running, and to encourage active, healthy lifestyles from a young age. Thanks to our friends at Sports4, Run Ottawa offers a Kids Run Ottawa Race Series throughout the year, and a free 1K untimed race experience at the Central Experimental Farm, which takes place on 4 different Saturdays between June and October. These fun, safe, low-key events are a great opportunity to introduce kids to the activity—one morning at the farm will put a smile on their faces! 

A big part of Kids Run Ottawa is the Ottawa Kids Marathon Program — a 10-week program for kids between the ages of 6-12 that can be easily implemented in school, before or after school or through a community run club. And the best part? It’s also free! Coaches range from school staff, parents, or community members. The program includes all resources, including coaching tips, running activities, tracking sheets, and finisher certificates. The Ottawa Kids Marathon Program strives to make running accessible and inclusive to all young runners within the National Capital Region and beyond! 

The goal of the program is for the kids to complete a cumulative marathon (42.2km) by the end of the program)! Kids have the option to run the last kilometre at Ottawa Kids Marathon at Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend!  

Here are four great reasons for you and your kids and/or students to join the Ottawa Kids Marathon program:

Fitness is FUN!

It’s important to teach young children that fitness can be FUN! There are so many ways to incorporate fitness into their everyday routines. With the help of the Ottawa Kids Marathon Program, they will complete their weekly running goals not only through running laps, but also with fun group games, stracking their progress and achievements, and with accolades from their peers.

Consistency is KEY!

Consistency is a driver to success. This program will help your mini runners learn that being consistent with their activities will allow them to achieve great results—not only in sport, but also in life!

Goal setting for the win! 

The Ottawa Kids Marathon Program provides clear and attainable weekly goals. Goal setting produces motivation. The fun weekly tracker sheets are a perfect way for students to visualize their building success.

CELEBRATE accomplishments!

Celebrate the completion of the Ottawa Kids Marathon program by watching your mini runner(s) cross the finish line at Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend! After receiving their fun and exclusive Ottawa Kids Marathon medal, your little finishers will head into Confederation Park for an after party with their family and friends. Alternatively, Kids Run Ottawa offers a free online finisher certificate to all program leaders to encourage you to find your own unique way to celebrate your young runners completion of the Ottawa Kids Marathon Program if they are unable to attend the big event.

To see all the big smiles at the Ottawa Kids Marathon finish line is arguably one of the most heartwarming moments of Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

Be part of the magic this May 2024. Find out more about the program here!