Water and cooling stations added

In expectation of hotter than usual temperatures for today and tomorrow’s races, we have put in place the following measures to help keep runners keep cool:

  • Residents and businesses along the course routes are being asked to get out hoses, sprinklers and extra water and refreshments.
  • Two misting stations have been added along the 10K, half-marathon and marathon courses. One misting station has been added to the 5K course.
  • Aquaholics is graciously adding a third misting station along the route, and are bringing more water trucks to the finish.
  • Ice is being added to the water stations at Island Park and the Museum of History for the half marathon and marathon.
  • Water stations are being supplied with extra cups
  • Four articulated buses are being deployed at medical stations along the half marathon and marathon routes. These will allow runners to take a break in an air conditioned space during the race.

In addition to these efforts, our medical team and Ottawa paramedics are working together to prepare for more heat-related issues on course.

We ask all participants to stay alert for signs of overheating. For more information: