Start Line Volunteers

Our primary concern is that the Start Line is secure and safe for all runners.  In order to achieve this, we  barricade the area in front and to the rear of the Start Line.  There are about 300 metal barricades to be placed along Laurier Avenue and Elgin Street.  These barricades are about 2 metres long and weigh about 15kg each.  Once placed, it is necessary to marshal the area to keep it clear of spectators and ensure runners are placed behind the Start Line. We set up a false start line about 10M before the real start line so that the timers can set up their equipment and also to allow any elite runners a space to line up in front of the main body of runners.

As you are wearing a vest that indicates that you are a volunteer, spectators will assume that you know everything about the event. This makes it necessary for you to be familiar with the start times, finish location, spectator finish line viewing areas and recovery area. All this information is outlined at The start line is an exciting place, as you get a good look at all the runners.  Once runners have left the start, we secure the area again to dismantle the start structure, pick up garbage & clothes left behind (gloves supplied) and remove the barricades. Be aware of the weather forecast for your scheduled shift and dress accordingly, as the races will be staged regardless of weather.

Thank you for considering helping out at the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Start Line. For more information contact Dick Murray,