Finish Line Volunteers

Saturday, May 23/Sunday, May 24

As a very exciting and rewarding area, the Finish Line area allows you to be the first to congratulate and cheer on all the participants in the various events. Listed below are some of the various activities you could be involved in.

  • Route/Gate Crowd Control: This could include standing along the final 200 meters of the course to ensure that crowds obey the fencing and ensure proper identification is shown.
  • Ushering of Runners: This will include, but not limited to, encouraging runners to continue moving forward towards the next station, this could also involve calling for medical help if necessary.
  • Medal Distribution: Every participant receives a medal for participating. Volunteers will be asked to give out these medals based on the race that the participant ran. They will then motion for the participants to continue into the recovery area to have some food and to meet with family and friends
  • Medal Sorting and Separation: A large part of our effectiveness is having the smooth transition from one area to another. In order to do this we require volunteers on the Saturday morning to assist in the sorting and separating of the medals on the medal stand.
  • Volunteer Management: Requires a few volunteers to assist by giving breaks, hand out food and assist in taking care of the volunteers.

If these areas sound like something you would enjoy doing, please sign-up! We are looking for individuals as well as groups.

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