Spectator Tips

If you’ve ever run or walked a marathon, you know how crowd support can immensely help you. But being a good marathon spectator takes preparation and work. If you’re planning on watching an upcoming marathon, follow these marathon spectator tips to be an asset on the race course. Check out our recommended Spectator Viewing Areas!

Make Signs

Runners love to read signs along the race course to help break the monotony. If you’re supporting a family member or friend, make a sign with his name that will encourage your runner but also help them to easily identify you.

Be Prepared

The water stops and food stations are for race participants, so you should be prepared with your own supplies. Pack some bottled water and snacks. Make sure you also have a reliable watch, a course map, cash, a camera, and cell phone. If rain is in the forecast, bring an umbrella, rain jacket, and extra socks. If it’s sunny, don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses. You’re most likely going to be standing still for a while. So it’s always good to have extra layers in case you get cold. And, most importantly, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes.

Respect the Course

Don’t stand or walk on any part of the course. It’s not fair to runners if you make the race course even more crowded or become an obstacle that they have to run around. If you can’t see the runners from where you’re standing because it’s too crowded, move to a different viewing location.

Pick an Encouraging Phrase

Rather than just clapping as runners go by, pick a phrase or two to yell. Some good ones include: “Way to run;” “You can do it;” “Looking strong;” “Nice job;” “You’re flying;” or “Looking good.” Many marathon runners display their first names on their shirts or race bibs. So if you see someone’s name, you can always add that to the end of your catch phrase.

But Don’t Say This…

Unless you’re right next to the finish line, don’t yell, “Almost there” or “Not far to go.” Trust us, marathon runners don’t want to hear that phrase unless they are about to cross the finish line. It’s also not a good idea to yell out a specific distance such as, “Two KM to go,” unless you’re 100% certain that the number is the correct distance to the finish line (if you happen to be standing next to a KM marker, for instance). Too many spectators give out wrong information, which can be frustrating, confusing, and disappointing for runners.

Timing Is Everything

If you’re looking for a family member of friend, find out his or her projected pace per mile ahead of time. This will help you figure out where and when they should reach certain points in the course.  But keep in mind that it could take a runner as much as 20 minutes to cross the starting line because of the crowds. So don’t base the predicted viewing times on the start time. You can adjust your projected viewing times after your first sighting of your runner.

Find Your Runner

Make sure you know exactly what your runner will be wearing, from head to toe. In races, it’s easier to spot a purple shirt, for instance, rather than looking at everyone’s faces. Let your runner know what you’ll be wearing and where you think you’ll be standing, so he or she knows to look for you. If the race and cheering sections are really crowded, it’s helpful for the runner to know what side of the street you’ll be standing on. Some spectators even carry balloons so their runners can easily spot them from a distance.

Spectator Viewing – Finish Line

Bleachers for spectator viewing will be set up just before the finish line along Queen Elizabeth Driveway north of Somerset Street West and stretch back approximately 300 metres south.  They are located on both sides of the roadway.

Just north of Somerset Street there is a pedestrian bridge that will allow you to access either side of the road.

A video wall will be placed just north of the pedestrian bridge and will allow spectators to follow the live feed of the 10K race on Saturday night and the marathon on Sunday morning.

Finish-Line Plan

All race finish lines are located 125 metres north of Somerset Street West on Queen Elizabeth Driveway.  All runners then proceed down the finish line chute for approximately 350 metres before entering Confederation Park.  If you are meeting up immediately after the race, we recommend that you select one of 4 designated “Friends and Family Meeting Areas,” displayed on the site map inside the “Runner’s Guide.”