Start Line Information

**All upcoming information subject to change


Runners in the 2020 Ottawa 5K, Ottawa 10K, Scotiabank Ottawa Half Marathon and Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon events will be sent off in a series of rolling wave starts organized by corral. Please read below for more information about Corrals and Wave Starts.


Each start line area will be divided into distinct zones or CORRALS designated by coloured flags and corresponds with the CORRAL colour on your race number. Each corral represents the projected finish time for runners lining up in that area. Runners should line up in the corral according to the projected finish time they submitted during the registration process.

Before the race, please head to the start line and into your designated corral. Our start line team will help guide you to the proper corral. Tip: The start line can be a busy area, so please give yourself plenty of time to get to your corral.

The following provide the projected finish times and corresponding corral (by colour) for each event.

Marathon 1/2 Marathon 10K 5K
Blue Sub 3:15 Sub 1:45 Sub 45min Sub 24min
Orange 3:15-3:39 1:45-1:54 45-54 min 24-27 min
Yellow 3:40-3:59 1:55-2:04 55-59 min 28-30 min
Green 4:00-4:24 2:05-2:14 60-64 min 31-33 min
Purple 4:25-4:54 2:15-2:29 65-69 min 34-37 min
Red 4:55+ 2:30+ 70+ min 38+ min



There will be Wave Starts in the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon events.

To spread the field out at the start, runners will be sent off in a series of waves starting with the blue corral, followed by orange, yellow, green, purple and red corrals.

Each wave will be sent off approximately every two minutes, until everyone in that corral has started. As a wave is sent off, the next one will be brought forward to the start line and directed to wait until given the signal to start. This process will continue until all corrals have left.