Registration Information


Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend in-person races will be held May 28 and 29, 2022. Virtual events will run in parallel over the month of May to accommodate those living abroad and unable to travel to Ottawa or who wish to continue running or walking in smaller groups.

Cancellation, insurance and COVID-19 questions


What happens if we’re back in lockdown?

For those participating in the live event, Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend (TORW)  is offering three insurance policies for a minimal cost that will cover you against acts of god, pandemics and injuries.  Should the in-person edition of Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend be cancelled, the event will go 100% virtual. Participants who’ve purchased the additional insurance can action their policy, and have their race registration fees returned.


Why should I purchase Run Ottawa Pandemic Insurance, Adventure Advocates and/or Fanshield? How do I file a claim? Can I make my claim for the virtual event?

When you purchase a protection policy through FanShield, you will receive an email directly from them with the information on how to file a claim. If you did not see the email, you may go to this link to file your claim:

For Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2022, we are pleased to offer full protection for your registration entry fee including all associated processing fees for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2022 should Run Ottawa cancel in-person events scheduled for May 28 and May 29, 2022 because of COVID-19.

As a hybrid event, the policy will still function the same and filing the claim will follow all the normal protocols. Please note the FanShield policies in regards to COVID-19 or go to FanShield FAQs.


What COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place for this event?

Our priority is to protect the health and safety of our participants, volunteers, and staff. To ensure this, we will comply with all applicable public health guidelines or requirements issued by the Ontario government and Ottawa Public Health. 

The guidelines regarding the reopening of Ontario are subject to change. Run Ottawa’s COVID mitigation plan will be made available in advance of the event. Please review your emails prior to the event, or follow Ottawa Marathon via the App, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Will vaccines be mandatory in order to participate in Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2022?

Yes. A paper or digital copy of proof of vaccination is mandatory and will be required to be presented at race kit pick-up. The name on the proof of vaccination must match the name on your 2022 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend registration. We only need to see your proof of vaccination, we won’t be storing or recording any sensitive information.

Registration questions 


Will there be walk categories for the virtual and in-person event?

YES! We noticed so many participants walking, speed walking, pole walking etc. during the previous Tamarack Ottawa Virtual Race Weekends. This allowed for participants to complete longer distances and achieve larger goals! You can select a walking option during your event registration for each distance. This way, your results will be listed with others who are walking the events just like yourself!


Verify your registration

Already registered for an event at the 2022 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend (TORW)? Login into your dashboard on Race Roster to verify registration.


Transfer from one race distance to another

Any changes/corrections must be completed on-line. Changing to an event that is already sold out is not permitted. Please use the step-by-step instructions found here: INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO TRANSFER DISTANCES IN RACE ROSTER


Transfers from one person to another

A transfer is to be used if you can no longer run and you wish to transfer your entry to another person you have found who wants to take your entry. Transfers are $25.00. Please use the step-by-step instructions found here: INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO TRANSFER IN RACE ROSTER


I saved my 50% discount code from my 2020 registration for the live event in 2022? How do I redeem this?

 Should you choose to use your unredeemed 50% promo code for the 2022 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, please enter your unique promo code in the ‘APPLY PROMO CODE’ at the bottom of the registration form in Race Roster.

2020 participants who’ve not redeemed their unique promo code can find their unique promo code on their Race Roster dashboard.  

Instructions on how to find your unique promo code in Race Roster:

  1. Log into your Race Roster profile following this link. 
  2. Select ‘Show All’ beneath Additional details menu, the dropdown will display your unique promo code.  This promo code will provide a 50% discount on any Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend distance or challenge. 
  3. Be sure to copy your unique promo code to accurately transfer it to your 2022 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend registration. 

Your unique promo code was also mailed to you on December 11, 2020 in an email titled “Tamarack Ottawa Virtual Race Weekend 2020 – 50% Off Code”

If you signed up for 3 sub-events (example: 5k, 10k and half) OR signed up multiple individuals then you would have received separate emails with different promo codes for each distance. Each entry has its own promo code.

You also have the option to redeem your promo code for the 2023 event, unredeemed promo codes will be rolled into the 2023 event automatically. 


  • This one time use code can only be used by the 2020 participant for ONE distance or challenge. If you are attempting a transaction for multiple participants who each have a code, you must complete each transaction separately, as the registration system will only redeem one promo code per transaction. 
  • You cannot transfer your discount code to another person. 
  • Your purchase with your code is non-refundable and must be redeemed by the Closing Date Of 2023.


What participant amenities will be included in the 2022 race kit?

Please see individual event pages for lists of amenities.


Where can I purchase a race shirt?

With the commitment to going green, t-shirts will be an add-on purchase during registration. This eliminates unwanted shirts from landing at the bottom of your closet or landfills. These high quality shirts are sure to be a favourite for years to come.

To purchase a shirt after you’ve registered, please visit the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend store. 


How can I personalize my medal?

iTAB fits perfectly onto the ribbon of your Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend medal, engraved with your Name and Finish Time, and is a great way to celebrate your achievement. Your personalized iTab will be mailed directly to you within one month of the completion of your 2022 virtual race. If you did not order yours upon registering, you can order it now through the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend store.


Will there be race results for the virtual event?

Yes! Our virtual timing partner, Race Roster, is set-up to receive virtual race results, starting May 1. You will need to download the ASICS® RunKeeper tracking app, running watch or GPS device to record your time.

Upload instructions can be found here, and your results will be uploaded to your Race Roster dashboard. 


If i run/walk a better time for my virtual race before May 31, can I re-submit my results?

  1. Yes, if you entered your time manually, resubmit it using the same process as your original result.
  2. Yes, if you used RunKeeper, then email to have the result deleted, and then you can re-submit using RunKeeper via these steps.

Fundraising questions


When can I register for the charity challenge?

You raised $1.2 million dollars for charities in 2021! Let’s do it again! The Charity Challenge will kick off in October 2021 . At that time you can create or join a team and start fundraising  for one of the charities in the Charity Challenge. The charities registered with Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend need our help now more than ever. We are inviting and encouraging all runners to fundraise and promote their favourite causes.  Every participant who raises $500.00 or more will receive a free entry into Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2023. 



Race Day questions


What are the race course protocols?

Runners must follow and stay on the course at all times. In most cases, the entire road is at the runner’s disposal. Where cones are used, shortening the course by not following the cone line is against the rules and may expose runners to unsafe conditions. Runners will be disqualified if they do not follow the course route. Participants may not use curbs, sidewalks, or grass surfaces, as they are not part of the measured course. Participants agree to follow the instructions of race, medical and police officials. Failure to follow the course rules can result in disqualification.


Can I push a stroller during my race?

With the exception of the Ottawa 2K, baby joggers and strollers are not permitted.


What, if any, mechanical assistance devices can I use?

In-line skates, scooters, or any other mechanical assistance are not permitted in any event. For athletes with disabilities please refer to our Athletes with Disabilities page for details.


Can I run with my dog? 

Dogs, with the exception of service animals, are not permitted in any of the events.


Can I run with headphones?

While the use of headphones is permitted on the course, they are not recommended.


Where do I attach my race bib?

Runners must wear their bib so that it is visible to marshals. Runners who fail to do so are subject to expulsion.