Team Awesome’s Favourite Running Songs

Whether or not people like to listen to music while running is as different as the genres we listen to

Jimmy Proulx-Roy – One of my favourite albums for running is 45:33 by LCD Soundsystem, an album specially commissioned for Nike in 2006. It’s also an album I can listen to on repeat without annoying me during my long runs.

Rebecca Wemyss – I almost always have music on while running on the treadmill. I listen to upbeat music that has a quick tempo. If the beats per minute is too slow, I find it messes with my cadence. I mainly listen to 1990’s Alternative music while running: Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins and Our Lady Peace. However, there are also many Batman soundtrack tracks on my playlist as well.

Allyson Chisnall – I have two types of music on my playlist, classic rock or running mixes of popular songs that have the beats per minute listed on them. I can build my playlist depending on my distance and pace. I love to throw classic rock in for a change, ACDC, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones etc as they usually have a memory attached to them which helps. I have two songs on every playlist, Time Warp to help get me out a funk if needed ( I have been known to do the steps in the middle of a race or at a red light) and Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing which somehow comes up at the end of a race, even on random shuffle and gets me through to the end.

Tracy DeWolfe – I don’t normally listen to music as I run in a group. The one exception is speed work. The track definitely needs music. Footloose is the one song that makes me go faster.

Leanne Richardson – This past running season I’ve learned to appreciate the quietness of a run when I’m able to get lost in my own thoughts or my surroundings (especially with trail running). I enjoy a variety of genres when I do listen to music. Music from Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, or Lynyrd Skynyrd to name a few. When hitting hills or a particular hard spot on my run having some AC/DC ready to go sure helps.

Francis Lamarche – During my long runs where I work more on endurance, I tend to listen to songs that are calm and zen that help me concentrate on my breathing; artists like Daniel Bélanger, Patrick Watson, Bon Iver, Eddie Vedder. For when I need to pick up the pace, I listen to alot of alternative and indie rock, like Arcade Fire, Foo FIghters and OK GO.

Check out the Spotify playlist we made featuring the Team Awesome’s favourite artists that you can take on the run with you.

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