Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is much more than an event

Today I woke up with a heavy heart. This weekend was to be my first opportunity to welcome the world to Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend as Run Ottawa’s new leader. I was born and raised in this little/big city that could. My home town is a G7 Capital, it’s a cosmopolitan hub and home to one of the largest and best running events on the planet. With the tireless work of John Halvorsen, Jim Robinson, Ken Parker and all the wonderful people who over the years created something that the rest of the running world has looked to for leadership I stand here humbled.

I’ve been reminded by our awesome team that Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is every bit about a community as much as it’s about a weekend. We’ve been here for 45 years. We’ve survived the cold war, 911, the global financial crisis, seen 10 mayors come and go and we will endure.

I want to say thank you to our wonderful participants past, present and future who have supported us, and are coming on this virtual journey with us, and who I cannot wait to welcome at our start line in 2021.

More than ever before we need to lean on each other, we need to share our running stories and more importantly we need to believe in the power of community.

Do something nice for someone today, do something nice for yourself.  All of us at Run Ottawa will be thinking of you this weekend.

Ian Fraser
Executive Director, Run Ottawa

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