Start training for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend with ASICS Runkeeper

Customized training plans just for you!

Looking for the right tool to help you prepare for your Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend event? The ASICS Runkeeper app has got your back! We have training plans that are customized to your schedule. You set the desired date, average pace, and preferred distance in the app and we’ll guide you to success.

Until race day, all participants can receive a free trial of the premium version of the Runkeeper Go™ subscription* with access to training plans and more.

Pro Tip: Start your Runkeeper training plan 12-20 weeks before race day to get a plan that fits best for your schedule. Marathon training plans must be 12 weeks in length at minimum and half marathon training plans must be 10 weeks in length at minimum**

REGISTER FOR TAMARACK OTTAWA RACE WEEKEND and receive your free trial! This offer expires on May 29, 2022.

If you are a registered participant, you should have received an email with all the details. If you can’t find that email, please contact