A Shout-out to AquaHaulics Our Hydration Partner

When it gets hot, staying hydrated, and keeping as cool as possible, is an important part of having a fun and healthy race experience. That is why we partner with AquaHaulics to provide hydration to everyone taking part in our races.

For the past five years, Run Ottawa and Ottawa Marathon have been working with AquaHaulics to ensure that there are water stations every two to three kilometres along our routes.

“For the most part, we work with homeowners and local businesses to supply water during our races,” explains Dave Morrow, Water Station Coordinator for Run Ottawa. “When it comes to races or routes in quieter parts of the city or rural areas, finding clean and reliable water sources can be a challenge. Working with AquaHaulics has helped us provide quality water to our runners where other water sources are inaccessible.”

Partnering with AquaHaulics has also helped Run Ottawa and Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend cut down waste by eliminating the use of disposable plastic bottles. That its trucks can also be transformed into misting stations when necessary is an added bonus, especially in the recovery areas.

Our Canada Day Road Races are coming up and we’re hoping for more sunny weather! Staying hydrated is key to keeping your head clear and your body in form, so keep an eye out for the AquaHaulics trucks on Canada Day. Remember that carrying a reusable water bottle is also a great way to remember to stay hydrated and to reduce your waste!

To learn how you can book AquaHaulics for you your event visit www.aquahaulics.ca.