My name is Meagan Massad and I am running the 10 kilometre with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.

Just over a year ago, my little brother Paul passed away of Lymphoma cancer at age 22. Paul was an inspiring young man and did everything that he could to fight his disease. Seeing my brother go through cancer treatments was one of the most difficult times of my life, yet I was overwhelmed with support from my friends, family and the entire community.

It was times like these that I really understood the meaning of giving back and helping each other out in times of need. The Ottawa Cancer Foundation and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society were there to help our family when we needed it most. They encouraged me to participate as much as I could to get my mind off of the tougher times and move forward.

It is for this reason that I wanted to pay the love, help, and positive attitude forward.
I then chose to do the 10 kilometre run last year because I wanted to change at least 1 persons life who was either diagnosed and undergoing treatments, or who was experiencing the after affects of Lymphoma cancer.

I have decided to come back again and run for my second year in a row. I choose to run for my brother Paul, and to continue to fight against Lymphoma even though my brother lost his battle.

What I hope to inspire is donations from everyone who is touched by my story or has experienced something similar in their lives. I can't wait to complete another run with flying colours!

Here is the link to donate to my run:

Thank you in advanced!