Running in Red at the Scotiabank Canada Day Road Races

Grey skies and a bit of rain didn’t stop over 1700 runners from kicking off their holiday celebrations at the Scotiabank Canada Day Road Races presented by Bushtukah.

It was a celebration for all ages, as more than 1000 runners decked out in red Canada-themed running gear took on the 10K and 5K races, while over 500 young runners ran in the 1.5K fun run and the 100 metre trot tot.

As the winning times below attest, the race also drew some of the speediest local runners who put on some great performances.

For many in Ottawa’s running community, the Canada Day races have become an annual tradition.

Lawrence Williams, who ran in the 5K, hung up all his shirts from past Canada Day races along finish line, a collection that stretches back almost 20 years. For Williams, the Canada Day race signifies more than just a holiday.


“This event was my first road race ever, so every year has been special for me,” he said. “Now it’s just become a Canada Day tradition.”

Cynthia Field-Rose, Laurie Shusterman and their friends were running in the day’s 10K race for the first time and they said they can’t wait to make the race a new tradition of their own.


“It was a great atmosphere,” Field-Rose said. “Even with the weather, it was a good crowd and a ton of fun.”

“We’ll be back next year,” Shusterman added. “Maybe wearing even more red.”

Be sure to check out for future races, like the brand new 5/15 Farm Run coming up on July 15.

Here are the winners from this year’s 5K and 10K races:

Male 5K

1 – Kieran Day                         15:59.1

2 – Alexander Maxwell            16:12.5

3 – Jonathan Favero                16:24.1

Female 5K

1 – Erin O’Higgins                     18:39.6

2 – Tara Smith                          19:02.4

3 – Emily Maclean                    19:19.8

Male 10K

1 – Johana Kariankei               32:07.5

2 – Alex Berhe                         32:39.3

3 – Kyle Desormeaux              32:53.9

Female 10K

1 – Isabelle Kanz                     39:29.3

2 – Kuniko Soda                       39.39.1

3 – Janine Stewart                  40:47.2

canadaday_winner canadaday-winner2

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