Run fast. Eat healthy: Introducing Mad Radish

To train your best, you need to find healthy, nutrient-dense sources of fuel, even when on the run to the office, school or training session with your running buddies. That’s why we partnered with Mad Radish this spring to cater our VIP tent and media room.

 “Mad radish is all about healthy food for busy people,” says Mad Radish founder David Segal. “Our goal is to do really good salads that are also nutrient dense. This isn’t rabbit food that will leave you hungry in a few hours. These salads are designed to fill you up and keep you going.”

David, who is from Ottawa, began working on the idea of Mad Radish a few years ago when he was living in Montreal. It was around this time that he met chef Nigel Finley through mutual friends.

 The two soon found that they shared a common goal. Recalls David, “We shared a passion for wanting to create something that is quick, delicious and makes you feel good.”

 A chef with 17 years of experience working in kitchens around the world, and in every market type—from farms to fast food to fine dining—Nigel is driven to create delicious and nutritious meals that everyone can enjoy. It is also what drives him to source high-quality ingredients for every Mad Radish dish: the chicken comes from Voltagere Farms in Quebec, the salmon from Sustainable Blue in Nova Scotia, and seasonal vegetables are sourced from no less than 19 local farms.

This care for food is equally applied to the design and preparation of each menu item.

“We apply the techniques, skill and thoughtfulness of a fine dining restaurant to our cooking,” explains Nigel. “Every recipe is developed to have complete proteins, a balanced amount of complex carbohydrates and the appropriate amount of vegetables and nutrients, and we work with a nutritionist to strike the right balance.”

Specifically for runners, Nigel recommends any of the salads that contain chicken because it is an easy source of protein. For vegan clientele items like the power bowl are jam packed with protein as well.

Community and sustainability are also values that Mad Radish takes to heart. All packaging is compostable, and every time clients order using the Mad Radish app or by using their points card, a serving of fresh vegetables is donated through Canadian Food Centres Canada. 

Looking for some running fuel? Try making Nigel’s Mad Radish Protein Patties at home or stop into one of their stores around town.