Run Ottawa Point Series

[ See the final 2020 standings]

COVID-19 Modifications to the 2020 RO Point Series

If any of the above races are done as a virtual event instead of an in-person event, RO members will receive participation points based on the distance of the virtual race they complete.

Points will be awarded as follows: 

  • 5km virtual run = 5 points
  • 10km virtual run = 10 points
  • Half-Marathon virtual run = 20 points
  • Marathon virtual run = 40 points

*if competing in multiple distances at Tamarack Ottawa Virtual Race Weekend (ie Lumberjack/Voyageur/Bytown Challenge), you will receive participation points for the longest distance virtual race that you completed, plus the bonus points for completing one of the ORW Challenges

To earn participation points for a virtual event, like the Tamarack Ottawa Virtual Race Weekend, the member must be registered for the event and upload their results

The Run Ottawa Membership Committee is working on other events for RO Members. Check back for updates on new ways to earn points for the 2020 RO Point Series.

The Run Ottawa Point Series is continuing for the 2020 race season! Run Ottawa is excited to offer members the opportunity to participate in the Run Ottawa Point Series. The point series is open to every member, from weekend warriors looking for a new challenge to beginner runners looking for a different way to measure participation or improvement.

[ See the FINAL 2019 standings]

Run Ottawa members will be awarded points based on their finish position relative to other finishers in their age and gender class.

This years’ Point Series will include the following events and distances:

*if competing in multiple distances at Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend (ie Lumberjack/Voyageur/Bytown Challenge) you will only receive points for the individual distance that you achieve the best result relative to your peers in, however your result in the other distances will be used to displace others and you will receive bonus points for completing the Challenge (see ways to collect bonus points below).

Here’s how point accumulation works

  • Each Run Ottawa member is scored within his or her specific age category, as listed below.
  • Females and males are scored separately.
  • Points are awarded in the age categories as follows: 1stplace – 55 points; 2ndplace – 49 points; 3rdplace – 48 points and so on, down to 1 point for 50thplace and beyond.
  • Awards will be presented to the top three males and females in each age category at the AGM.
  • In the event of a tie, positions will be decided by the results of head-to-head competitions. If a tie still results, positions will then be decided by average pace over the same distance starting at 5km.

Ways to collect bonus points

  • Volunteer for the Point Series events; 10 points per instance to a maximum of 40 points.
  • Participate in 3 or more Saturday 5K and Free 1K events; 20 points.
  • Complete the Bytown or Voyageur Challenge; 10 points or complete the Lumberjack Challenge; 15 points.

Age categories, based on each runner’s age as of June 1 in the current race year

A          ≤19                  E          50-59
B          20-29               F          60-69
C          30-39               G         70-79
D          40-49               H         ≥80

Please note that these may not necessarily be the same age categories used by the races.

The not-so-fine print

  1. Have fun! The Run Ottawa Point Series is meant to increase participation and celebrate everyone’s little victories.
  2. Points for races will be awarded ten days post race based on the Run Ottawa results on Sportstats. It is the member’s responsibility to verify that their name appears on the Run Ottawa Sportstats results list correctly. Any discrepancies will need to be communicated to the point series coordinators within the ten day period. Points awarded at the end of the 10 day period are final and cannot be adjusted after this point to accommodate discrepancies on the SportStats page.
  3. Prospective members will have a period of seven days after a race to join Run Ottawa and have their race result count towards the series.
  4. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be posted on Google Docs before each event. In order to receive bonus points for volunteering,  members will have to sign up on the Volunteer sign-up sheet prior to each event. Points will only be awarded to volunteers whose names are on the sign-up sheet.
  5. A member sign-up sheet will be available at each of the Saturday 5K and Free 1K events. In order to receive bonus points for the Saturday 5K and Free 1K, members will have to sign the member sign in sheet prior to each race. Points will only be awarded to members whose names are on the race sign-up sheet.
  6. The point standings will be presented on the Run Ottawa website. Standings will be updated after each race event based on the race results and bonus points accumulated since the last race event.

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