Mission and Values



NCM Inc. (operating as “Run Ottawa”) is dedicated to promoting the sport of running and enhancing the health and well being of our community through organizing distinctive world class and local races, and managing an active, membership-based running club.


More people running, more often.

  • Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is the best running experience in Canada.
  • Membership is a vibrant and thriving running club.
  • Run Ottawa offers varied and affordable events for all seasons.
  • Run Ottawa promotes, supports and develops the sport of running.
  • Run Ottawa has a dynamic culture of empowered employees and respectful collaboration among employees and volunteers.


We value our independence. This means that we must conduct our business in a financially prudent manner, to ensure the long-term viability of our organization.

We value and respect the people that are part of our broader team and our community. This includes Run Ottawa employees and Board members, our volunteers, club members, participants in our events and representatives of our other stakeholders. We recognize that every voice matters: embracing the expertise, observations and opinions of those in our community is the key to making our organization, club and events the best they can be.

We value the passion that members of the running community bring to their efforts, from the elite-level athletes aiming to excel in competitions; to youth seeking to develop their running ability; to recreational runners, adult beginners and those with special needs aiming to accomplish their personal goals. We bring the same passion to all that we do and are proud to support all runners in their efforts to achieve their goals.

We strive to do our best and to be the best. We value our position as a trusted organization that can be counted upon to deliver high-quality services. We value originality, innovation and creativity as tools to deliver these services.