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The International Association of Athletics Foundations (IAAF) is the world governing body for the sport of track and field, and the body that gives the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon its Silver Label status.
Now more than 100 years old, part of the IAAF’s bold vision for its next 100 years is to grow the sport worldwide, across all levels of runners. The IAAF wants us runners to know that whether we are elites, club runners, or recreational runners, we are all practicing athletics and part of a worldwide tradition of the sport.
To help them achieve this vision the IAAF has launched a beautiful new website the goal of which is to “bring the running world together”.
As the IAAF describes it: WorldRunning “is built around a unique world ranking system for runners that through an ingenious set of algorithms provides a weighted scoring system that enables runners of all ages and abilities to compete on a global basis and is specifically designed to encourage participation in organized events.”
We think we’ll be spending a lot of time here. Check it out at