Recommended Reading – FuelSmart for Race Day by Kate Percy

For many of us, the words “carbo-loading” probably conjure up images of mountainous piles of pasta. Kate Percy, the author of the e-book FuelSmart for Race Day wants to change that.

Percy writes in her introduction, “Endless bowls of creamy pasta and starchy carbohydrates will most likely leave you feeling heavy, bloated and uncomfortable. The last thing you want after all that hard training is to be standing on the start line feeling nailed to the floor.”

To make sure that doesn’t happen, Percy details a 3-day pre-race nutritional program that promises to get you to the starting line with your muscles “super fueled” for your best performance—and having eaten lots of tasty food in the process.

Percy’s e-book starts with an outline of nutritional principles for carbo-loading (including a handy table of suggested carbohydrate intake by weight), follows it with a three-day pre race menu planner to help you get all those good “nutrient dense” carbs, and then finishes with all the details for how to make such recipes as Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto (104g of carbs) or Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Spinach Soup (38g of carbs). There is even a recipe for how to make your own sports drink.

If it seems a little early to be thinking about carbo-loading, well, think of all the time you have to perfect those recipes!

You can buy FuelSmart for Race Day on Amazon or find out more about Percy on her website Oh, and we’ve included her recipe for a Chocolate Banana Recovery Shake in our nutrition section. Bon appetit!