October Runner of the Month

We don’t often hear from the runners featured in our annual advertising campaigns, but when we do, it’s always a treat to hear when and where they saw their photo, and to learn about their running life.

On October 8, some of Renée’s running friends from Winnipeg were at the Chicago Marathon. At the Expo, they picked up a postcard at the Run Ottawa booth, and recognized a familiar face from back home. When they brought the card back to Winnipeg, Renée reached out to us and posted on Facebook:

“As if the high from WFPS wasn’t enough A few weeks ago someone told me Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend had decided to use my pic in their marketing…Initially, I thought it was for a small web campaign…turns out it’s part of a larger roll out.”

Our marketing team picked Renée’s photo because she crossed the finish line with the enthusiasm that captures spirit of our event—and it’s the spirit of Renée’s running practice too!

Renée’s running mantra is “Run happy!” and back home in Winnipeg she hosts the FunRunCrew on Monday mornings. She has deep ties with the Winnipeg running community, taking part in Lululemon Winnipeg’s running and yoga events, acting as a race ambassador for the WFPS Half Marathon, 10K and 5K, and running with the Winnipeg Run Club, which meets on Thursday and Saturdays.

 Could we have found a better runner to embody the spirit of the running community? We don’t think so.

 “I’m not sharing to brag,” she wrote in her Facebook post, “But more to show those of us who aren’t born athletes or who don’t clock in at super speedy time that you can still ‘be the face of running’.” And that is why Renée is our October Runner of the Month.

We’re so thrilled that Renée reached out. Over the next couple of months we’ll be working with her on a blog post about run clubs, and in the next week we’ll be sending her special personalised postcards to share with the Winnipeg running community.

You can read her full post below.