Ottawa 10K shifts focus to Canadian athletes; doubles 10K prize purse for Canadians

Move comes as Dylan Wykes joins Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend as Elite Athlete Coordinator

Ottawa, February 4, 2020 – Organizers of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend announced today they will be significantly increasing the overall prize purse for Canadian athletes in the Ottawa 10K event to $35,000 – the largest prize for any of Canada’s championship events this year. 

The announcement comes as Dylan Wykes – the 2019 Canadian 10K champion and a 2012  Olympian – joins the organization as its new Elite Athlete Coordinator. Manny Rodrigues, who had been in this volunteer role for the past 20 years, is helping to manage the transition.

A busy year at the Ottawa 10K

As it has done since 2016,  the 2020 Ottawa 10k will again host the Canadian 10K Championships with $6,000 going to the top male and female Canadians in the 10K.

The Ottawa 10K will also maintain its unique gender challenge whereby the women are given a head start, and whoever crosses the finish line first (man or woman) wins an extra $2,000.

The event will also host the Canuck 10K Team Competition, where a Canadian elite runner will have the chance to pick 3 compatriots to form a co-ed team of four. The fastest team wins $6,000 to be split evenly amongst the team, as well as an additional $1,000 that will go towards the Scotiabank Charity Challenge participating charity of their choice.

Ottawa 10K focus shifts away from international field

Organizers also announced today they have elected not to renew their World Athletics Gold Label (formerly the IAAF) certification for the Ottawa 10K event, choosing to focus their resources on participant experience, the Canadian 10K Championships and the development of Canadian athletes. The organizers of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend have, however, renewed the gold certification for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon.

The 2020 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend will take place May 23-24, 2020.

Key facts and stats

  • The 2019 Ottawa 10K welcomed close to 8,200 runners.
  • The Ottawa 10K is the only event in Canada with a gender challenge.
  • The Ottawa 10K is the only event in Canada to hold a team competition.
  • The 2019 Canadian 10K Champions were Natasha Wodak (32:31) and Dylan Wykes (29:56).
  • Dylan Wykes will be running the 2020 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20.


“The road racing scene in Canada is on fire right now with records being set in all distances. Not only are Canadian’s running faster than ever, the athletes doing so also have great stories that we want to help share with the running community.  As the Canadian 10K championships, we are really looking forward to dedicating more resources towards attracting Canada’s top runners to Ottawa and putting on a great show for our spectators and runners.

I’m honoured and excited by the opportunity to work with Ian and the entire Run Ottawa team as the Elite Athlete Coordinator. I know I have big shoes to fill, as Manny has done an incredible job over the past 20 years building the Elite athlete program. I’m looking forward to contributing to the Ottawa running community in a new way that doesn’t involve making my own two feet move fast”.

– Dylan Wykes, Elite Athlete Coordinator

“We could not be more pleased or proud to have someone of Dylan’s stature take over as elite athlete Coordinator. He knows he has big shoes to fill, but I have no doubt that his first-hand experience as an elite athlete will make him a superb leader, especially as we move toward concentrating on Canadian athlete development in the 10K distance.

I also want to thank Manny Rodrigues for his dedication to this role over the past 20 years. Manny put Ottawa on the map as an international destination for elite runners. It was thanks to Manny’s efforts that the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend became the only event in the world to host two World Athletics Gold Label (formerly the IAAF) events in one weekend. We wish him all the best.”

– Ian Fraser, Race Director, Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.