Important Weather Update from the Race Director

We are receiving lots of questions about the heat this weekend. We are working on how we can best address and will be sending more information throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the current forecast is calling for highs of over 30 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, which raises serious concerns around heat related illnesses, especially for our longer events.

We are still hoping for a change in the weather and that temperatures will stay moderate enough for a safe event. We have also put the message out to the community to have hoses and sprinklers out along the race courses.

However, we also need to be prepared for the worst, which is the possibility of a cancellation if temperatures pose a serious safety risk. The safety of our runners is paramount. That will be a decision that we make along with our Medical Director.

We will be posting weather updates on social media, as well as using our system of weather flags which are on the race site and along the course. All participants should familiarize themselves with the EAS system prior to the race and remain alert for directions from race officials and take precautions to properly prepare for varying conditions on race day.


We are very hopeful that the races will go on, but it will also be hotter than we would like and runners will need to be prepared. Our Medical Director has the following tips for running in the heat:

  • Dress appropriately (i.e. wear clothing that is lightweight and light in colour.)
  • Increase your fluid intake
  • When passing a water station, take one cup of water to drink and another to pour over your head to cool down
  • If you have family and friends along the course watching, get them to bring ice cold water/sports drinks that you can pour over yourself or drink

If it is hot, it is not the day to try for a PB. Try to relax and enjoy the race

If you know it is going to be hot (or hotter than you are used to) then don’t wait until you feel hot (too late): prevent it by using all these suggestions.

Read the full blog posts here:

Thank you in advance for taking precautions. We hope that the weather will cooperate. Our priority is for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable weekend of running.