Kichesippi: A New Beer Partnership Celebrates Ottawa’s Sites and History

Beer and running go together like chips and dip, Ottawa and marathon, history and Canada. We are always looking for a good pairing, which is why this year we are shaking up and boosting our beer offerings at the finish line by partnering with Kichesippi Beer Co.

“Our goal has always been to be part of the Ottawa experience,” says Paul Meek, Kichesippi Beer owner. “Whether it is residents or visitors, we want people to go out and see Parliament Hill, walk along the canal, to see our city and have a beer.”

Kichesippi’s approach to brewing brings international beer styles from around the world to the Ottawa market, and infuses them with a little local style. Did you know, 1855, its signature beer, is named for the year Ottawa was founded?

“And we’ve already talked about a couple of ways we will work the courses into the branding,” says Meek. “We definitely want to run with our iconic K logo, somewhere along the lines of 10K + 1K, 21.2K + 1K.”

The additional 1K here means a beer!

In partnering with Kichesippi, the 2018 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend will again be offering a post-race beer to half- and full-marathon runners, as well as offering a free beer for those running the 10K.

This new partnership will be Kichesippi’s second sports alliance in the city. For the last three years it has partnered with the Ottawa Champions baseball team, but has always had Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend in its sights.

“We had conversations about partnering years ago, but we were brand new and didn’t know what we were doing,” explains Meek. “Now that we have grown up a bit, it’s a good time for us to say we are ready and can be a good partner.”

With the exception of one employee who has participated in the weekend once before, Meek says he wouldn’t call his team a “muscle-fit crew,” but everyone is excited to be working with the marathon. “I might see if I can get into my running shorts and get in a 5K, and I think there might be a few others from our team who will commit to running.”

As Ottawa’s biggest annual sports event, with runners from across the region and around the world, and a course that features some of the city’s best sights, Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend fits in perfectly with Kichesippi’s celebration of the national capital.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a cold Kichesippi after a good run? You don’t have to! Kichesippi will be Run Ottawa’s year round partner, offering beer after several races including the Richmond Road Races on January 14, 2018 and the annual tradition of Kichesippi’s Kill the Hill.

Celebrate your training and running success with us and Kichesippi and register for the 10K, Scotiabank Half-marathon or Scotiabank Marathon in May 2018!