If the shoe fits

Tegan Chappell is a member of the 2022 Otto’s Ottawa Power Crew. Tegan began running in 2014, after overcoming a significant injury. She started running shorter distances but worked her way from a 5km distance to completing her first marathon in 2017, and completing four more marathons since. This year she will be running the Ottawa Half Marathon presented by Desjardins at Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, which is her favourite distance, and is running in support of the Red Cross, Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. She is an active member of multiple Ottawa-based running clubs and loves to train alongside those who share her passion for running.

By Tegan Chappell

Everyone’s foot and stride is different and what works for some may not work for everyone. A runner’s goal and budget can be as different as the person lacing up their running shoes. Regardless of so many variables, there are few things that are pretty universal. Ill fitting or worn out running shoes will cost you more in physiotherapy or massage therapy appointments in a couple weeks than replacing your running shoes will guaranteed. Always take care of your feet!

Now let’s get to the sole of the matter! I love to support local businesses, and we have some amazing options here in Ottawa. Not only are you putting money back into your local community but you are also supporting businesses that support athletics and athlete development so show them some love.

My current roster of favourites:

  1. Mizuno Shadow: what I use for the majority of my long runs and marathons. I’ve loved this model for a long time and it’s been my workhorse shoe for years.
  2. New Balance 1400: best for speed work and tempo runs. I hear these aren’t going to be around for much longer though, sadly. I have raced up to a half marathon in them.
  3. Saucony Kinvara: recovery runs- I like these since they have a lower drop than my other road shoes so my body works just a touch differently.
  4. Norda 001: an amazing trail shoe but also my go-to for all those snowy runs. The traction is unbeatable. They also have a version that comes with spikes! This is the shoe that makes me want to stray from road running.
  5. Ice Bugs: for, as the name suggests, ice. Great for icy trail too. I ran in places never possible before because of these shoes.

There are many shoes options to get you across the finish line of your Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend event with injury free happy feet! Do your research, get fitted properly and try out different shoes to find the right fit for you!