Give your running shoes a second life with Shoe Bank Canada

Most runners know it’s important to replace their running shoes after so many kilometres of use.

But those shoes could still have a lot more mileage left to give on the feet of someone in need.

ShoeBankCanada-Logo-300pxWIn collaboration with Shoe Bank Canada and Dymon Storage, runners and visitors will be able to donate their used shoes at several locations during the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, and have them distributed to people and communities in need both across Canada and internationally.

In Ottawa, Dymon Storage has been collecting shoes in every shape and size and is well on its way to meeting its collection goal of 60,000 pairs of shoes for the year.

“Every single day across the city, we receive hundreds of pairs,” said Steve Creighton, senior vice-president with Dymon Storage. “We’ve had a great response so far.”



While running shoes are always in high demand, Creighton said any and all types of shoes are welcome, ranging from children’s shoes to winter boots.

“Anything works,” he said. “We even get people donating stilettos”

For runners worried about their old favourites being too worn out to donate, Creighton said even shoes that are past their prime for running can still be valuable for someone in need.

If you would like to donate a pair, please make sure the shoes are still suitable for wear and use an elastic or tie the shoelaces so that the shoes stay together.



During the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, runners and visitors can donate their shoes at the Health and Fitness Expo inside the Shaw Centre or at the sweat check storage area near the starting line.

As part of the spring campaign, there are also drop-off locations at Bridgehead Coffeehouses, Kiddie Kobbler shoe stores, and other locations across the city.

For those who forget to bring their extra shoes to race weekend (or haven’t wanted to tackle spring cleaning just yet), donations can also be dropped off year-round at all Dymon Storage locations.



Creighton said Dymon Storage started working with Shoe Bank Canada several years ago because being in the storage business comes in handy when you have to store a huge a number of shoes.

“I can tell you that 60,000 shoes takes up quite a bit of space,” he said. “But the great thing is that we have an infrastructure together so we could handle 300,000 pairs.”

But beyond just being able to help out with storage, Creighton said that he and the rest of the team at Dymon wanted to give back to a community that has already done so much for them.

“As a locally-owned and operated business in Ottawa, we’re very appreciative to the people of Ottawa who’ve helped us succeed and we want to do our part to give back to them.”

Find out more about Shoe Bank Canada and Dymon Storage.