Follow #TeamAwesome2018 as you train for #RunOttawa2018

Training on your own can be a challenge, especially when you’ve had a hard run or need some advice. That’s why Team Awesome is here to help you out!

This year we have 40 amazing social media ambassadors from across Canada and the United States who will be sharing their training stories and tips, taking part in community and digital events, and, of course, lining up on our start line in 2018.

“Team Awesome is about sharing our running experiences as we train for race weekend,” explains team captain Leanne Richardson. “Encouraging, supporting, and cheering one another on so we can all get to the finish line!”

Now, no matter where you are training, you don’t have to train alone! Check out the Team Awesome page to learn about each member and follow them on social media.

And keep an eye out for #TeamAwesome2018 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay connected to our amazing team as we all get ready for #RunOttawa2018.

Here’s a preview of the races our Team Awesome members are training for in 2018.


Celia Bond
Dan Pak
Hufsa Mushtaq
Jeremy Dutton
Linda Lambert
Mireille Durand
Tanya Frye


Alexandra Ouzas
André Mollema
Chantal Provost
Jennifer McCrea
Jodi Snowdon
Julie Cousineau
Karn van Mil
Katrina Byrd
Martin Jacques
Maxime McGee
Mei Ling
Roch Courcy
Tracy DeWolfe




Amanda Belliveau
Angela Drystek
Angela Maciocia
Ben Richard
David Dazé
Emma Paulson
Éveric Lauzière
Henri Do
Jarek Pachochki
Karl Bolduc
Kristi Raz
Leanne Richardson
Patrick Woodbury
Robert Lejeune
Sylvain Gatti

Voyageur Challenge

Hannah Manning
Joseph Rios
Sandi Swan
Soo Owens

Lumberjack Challenge

Jordan Thoms