Finding a Running Home in Ottawa

“You don’t run in Ottawa without being touched by Run Ottawa,” says Jeffrey Moyle, Canada Army Run Deputy Director.

Moyle, who ran his first Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon in 2005, and then ran several half-marathons in the city before moving to Ottawa for his current position, realised early on that Ottawa’s running community is one that is dedicated, supportive and very involved.

“Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is the event that begins the summer running season in Ottawa and the Army Run brings it to a close. But it’s the Run Ottawa races in-between that keep runners going throughout the year.”

“The beauty of running is you can do it anywhere,” he says. In his previous role as a personal trainer for the army at Base Borden, Moyle promoted running among his trainees and would even travel with some of them to compete in races. “I have probably run over 20 marathons and half-marathons; I’ve lost count. But I run mostly on my time, today I ran 8K at lunch.”

This November Moyle took part in the Cookie Run, the first race he has done since his family welcomed a new addition in August. While the atmosphere felt familiar, with many of the same volunteers and the Run Ottawa staff on hand who help him organize the routes for Canada Army Run,hat was new was having his family on the sidelines: his wife, three year-old daughter and new baby boy.

But they won’t be on the sidelines for long! After seeing her father run, his three-year old is anxious to take part in the kids 1K race next year and his wife wants to run the 5K.

Moyle has enjoyed making the move from personal trainer to Canada Army Run Deputy Race Director because it has allowed him to shift his focus from training to a broader spectrum of health promotion. “There is already a huge crossover between the army and running,” he explains, noting that the World Military Marathon Championships were held this spring at the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon.

Working with Run Ottawa as a Canada Army Run partner has also taught Moyle a lot about the race organization. “It’s amazing,” he explains, “You need to have these smaller event to keep people motivated. They strip the training excuses away and keep people going towards our summer events.”

Are you planning on running the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend? Take advantage of early bird prices until December 31, 2017, and register for a Run Ottawa race to help you get in shape!