Beet Your Personal Best with Beet It Sport 

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Few would argue that 2020 has been, well, interesting so far to say the least. We hope that the worst thing to come out of this crazy year is that you had some races or trips cancelled. Definitely disappointing and frustrating to be sure. You’re even entitled to throw a little tantrum. But if you’re reading this, it’s likely a fair bet that you’re not the type of person that lets things stop you. Because if there is one thing that hasn’t been cancelled, it’s the spirit of competition and the drive to be better than you were yesterday.

Whether you’re new to running and taking it slow, an elite runner looking for an edge, or just trying to stay close to those “glory day” times, Beet It Sport can help! We harness the power of nitrate contained in beets and provide at least 400 mg of nitrate in the form of concentrated beetroot juice. That’s the nitrate equivalent of 6-8 average sized beets in one convenient 70 ml serving of 98% beetroot juice and 2% lemon juice. Nothing added, no artificial preservatives or flavours. Just pure performance in a bottle.

For well over a decade, Beet It Sport has been the first choice for top-level athletes all over the world and the go-to product for researchers, with Beet It being used in over 200 independent scientific studies around the globe. Proven results and guaranteed nitrate levels are one thing, but we take it a step further and ensure every batch is tested for banned substances through the Informed Sport program to give our athletes confidence that they are getting not only the best and most powerful product available, but also the safest.

When choosing Beet It, you’ll be in good company, even if they’re hard to keep up with! Since 2016, Beet It has been an official partner to the NN Running Team and the likes of Kenenisa Bekele, Ashete Bekere, and of course Eliud Kipchoge. While we can’t promise you’ll topple world records and run a sub 2-hour marathon (we still can’t wrap our heads around that one Eliud!) we do know that the power of beets can help you run farther and faster than ever before. In fact, in 2018, the International Olympic committee included nitrate in their consensus statement on supplements and high-performance athletes. After a thorough review of the literature, they found that dietary nitrate intake of at least 300 mg was associated with up to a 25% increase in time to exhaustion, a 5% improvement in sprint performance, and a 3% increase in exercise time-trial performance. This is all achieved through the ability of nitric oxide, derived from the nitrate, to increase blood flow to muscles, enhanced energy production, and more efficient muscular contractions. 

No matter if you’re seeking to squeeze more out of a big training session, or looking to run a particular race faster than you ever have before, adding Beet It Sport to your regime is a safe, natural, and proven effective way to Beet Your Best!

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Receive 15% off your first Beet It online order, visit the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Virtual Event Bag