September Runner of the Month

This month, Canada Army Run celebrated its 10th anniversary. Ottawa runner Patrick was there for his eighth Canada Army Run race, this year as the 1:55 pace bunny in the half-marathon. This year was special for him because it was also the first time his youngest daughter ran a race with him.

“My most memorable moment was seeing my daughter as I started the half-marathon,” says Patrick. “She decided she was going to run a 5K in May and stuck with it. Seeing her beaming with pride because she had a medal around her neck was a great way to start my race.”

An experienced runner, Patrick has been a pace bunny on several occasions, which contributed to his second most memorable Canada Army Run moment. “A close second would be the first time the half route included the grounds of Rideau Hall. The south Korean president was in town at the time and I got some puzzled looks from her security detail as I ran by with bunny ears.”

While pace bunnies might get to have a little fun with their funny ears, they each play an important role in helping runners stay on track. “

You can read more about Patrick’s experience at the 10th Anniversary of Canada Army Run on his blog The Courage of Lungs.