A sweet and speedy morning at the 2023 Desjardins Great Big Cookie Run

This year’s Desjardins Great Big Cookie Run was the place to be if you were in search of cookies or a shiny new PB! Best of all, thanks to your generous donations as well as the funds raised by participants who opted for green bibs $4,500 was raised for Girl Guide campership subsidies in Ontario. 

Mother Nature may have helped participants along by providing them with some blustery conditions. Check out the list of top three finishers for the morning’s events below. 

Top 5K finishers

Women’s top finishers:

    1. Alexandra Hynes (17:35.0)
    2. Kerri Labrecque (18:05.0)
    3. Lynda Gingras (18:30.0)

Men’s top finishers:

    1. Charlie Mortimer (15:57.0)
    2. Lucas Zanetti (16:17.0)
    3. Christopher Aranda (16:32.0)

Top 1K finishers

Girl’s top finishers

    1. Ayah Zalal (04:43.0)
    2. Talia Hewson (04:46.0)
    3. Charlie Cavill (04:58.0)

Boy’s top finishers

    1. Wesley Crichton (03:55.0)
    2. Jeremy Lincoln (04:12.0)
    3. Marshall Crichton (04:20.0)

Congratulations to all of this year’s participants. All the results for the 2023 Desjardins Great Big Cookie Run can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you next at next year’s Desjardins Great Big Cookie Run, on Saturday, October 26! Registration is now open and you can save by taking advantage of early bird pricing. Plus, save even more by becoming a Run Ottawa Member!