2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

With all the gear, tech wear, and shoes (oh the shoes) out there, runners shouldn’t be the hardest people to cross off your holiday shopping list.

But as it never hurts to get a few more gift ideas, we reached out to some of our local friends and sponsors and asked them what they think folks should be scooping up to put under the tree this year.

Here is what they said:

IceTrekkers Diamond Grip Traction Cleats


We’ve been lucky so far this season when it comes to snow and ice, but make no mistake, they’re a coming.

With IceTrekker Diamond Grip traction cleats, available at Bushtukah, you can laugh in the face of slippery conditions and keep your training up through the winter with the confidence that you’ll stay vertical.

Trigger Point Therapy Grid Foam Roller


Every runner knows the pain that comes from tight muscles and the relief of rolling them out. There’s no better way to get more bang for your rolling buck than with the Trigger Point Therapy Grid Foam Roller, available at Sports4.

With its Distrodensity Foam Zones, you can apply varying amounts of pressure to massage and release tight muscles. It’s also small enough to be portable, if you want to roll out on the go.

Saucony Triumph ISO 2


Alas, even the most well-loved running shoes must be eventually be retired – and it can be a challenge to find that perfect replacement. Look no further. The Saucony Triumph ISO 2 is built with EVERUN cushioning construction, giving you a bit more bounce without sacrificing responsiveness.

Released earlier this fall, the Triumph ISO 2 has been a huge hit, including taking home a Runner’s World Editor’s Choice award. Check out all the specs – and all the sweet colourways –on Saucony Canada’s website.

ZiZU Optics Sunglasses


ZiZU Optics takes its name from the Finnish word sisu, which roughly translated means perseverance, grit, and guts. Their glasses take that translation to heart, and are carefully designed and manufactured to maximize performance and durability.

Check out ZiZU’s awesome frames on their website.

Timex Ironman Run x20 GPS watch


GPS-enabled wearables take running up a notch, adding plenty of data to relive and analyze your running, and perfect your pace until you reach that new personal best. But GPS watches have also been guilty of adding a bit of bulk to the wrist.

Enter the Timex Ironman Run x20 GPS watch, which was designed to be small and comfortable, but still packed with all the functionality you need from GPS. Its display is easy to read during the day or at night, and with 6-hours of battery life in full GPS mode, it’ll keep ticking for as long as you need it to. Learn more about the watch on Timex Canada’s website.

Best of Beau’s 4-Pack


Okay, okay, you got us. Not necessarily a running-related gift, but we’re constantly surprised by the number of runners who love them some beer (exhibit A: Lewis Kent).

Every year, our buddies at Beau’s collect their favourite brews from throughout the year and bundle them together for their Best of Beau’s 4-Pack.

The 2015 edition includes a spiced saison with orange and elderflower, an oak-aged double IPA, a Belgian-Style Imperial Stout, and a saison fermented with mango juice.

Thirsty yet?

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Gift Certificate

Last but not least, new this year from Run Ottawa are gift certificates for all six races at the 2016 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

If TV sitcoms have taught us anything, it’s that buying a gym membership for a loved one never works out well. Instead, why not buy them a ticket to Canada’s biggest and best race weekend and let them experience the electricity of the starting line for themselves?

Check out the details here.

One more thing….

Finally, as a special promo, we’re going to be giving away ALL of the above gifts on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts this week.

All you gotta do is follow us, look for the post and like it for your chance to win.

It’s the perfect opportunity to win a gift for your loved ones…or yourself. (We won’t tell Santa).