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Runners in the HTG Sports Ottawa 5K, Lowertown Ottawa Brewery 10K, Scotiabank Half Marathon and Scotiabank Marathon events will be sent off in a series of rolling wave starts organized by corral. Please read below for more information about Corrals and Wave Starts.


Each start line area will be divided into distinct zones or CORRALS designated by coloured flags. Each corral represents the projected finish time for runners lining up in that area. Runners should line up in the corral according to the projected finish time they submitted during the registration process.

Before the race, please head to the start line and into your designated corral. Our start line team will help guide you to the proper corral. Tip: The start line can be a busy area, so please give yourself plenty of time to get to your corral.

The following provide the projected finish times and corresponding corral (by colour) for each event.

5K Under 25 min. 25-30 min. 30–35 min. 35–40 min. 40–45 min. +45 min.
10K Under 40 min. 40-50 min. 50–60 min. 60–70 min. 70–80 min. 80 min. or more
Half Marathon Under 1:30 1:30–2:00 2:00–2:15 2:15–2:30 2:30–3:00 +3:00 and Walkers
Marathon Under 3:00 3:00–3:30 3:30–4:00 4:00–4:30 4:30–5:00 +5:00 and Walkers


There will be Wave Starts in the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon events.

To spread the field out at the start, runners will be sent off in a series of waves starting with the blue corral, followed by orange, yellow, green, purple and red corrals.

Each corral will be sent off approximately every two minutes. As one corral/wave sets off, the next corral will be brought forward to the start line and directed to wait until given the signal to start. This process will continue until all corrals/waves have left.


All race kits must be picked up at the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Health and Fitness Expo prior to their race. Runners unable to pick up their race kits may have a friend or family member pick it up for them. Photo ID is NOT REQUIRED. Click here for directions and hours of operation.


You can personalize your finisher medal from the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend with an engraved plate bearing your name and finishing time that fits securely on the back of your medal. Once ordered, your personalized plate will be mailed to you approximately four weeks after the event. To order your personalized medal plate, send a message to [email protected].


Live Runner Tracking with Sportstats!

Sportstats can post directly to your Facebook wall or your Twitter account. A link to sign up will be available race week and sign up only takes 1 minute. During the race, Sportstats will post your time directly to your wall keeping your friends and family informed. Sign up here. 

Walkers and Time Limits

Walkers are welcome in all events. All walkers start their race in the last coral behind the runners.

To register as a walker in either the Ottawa Marathon or Half marathon races register and in the WALK Division for your event. When asked to select an expected finish time - select the "Walker Division". For those planning to walk any other race, register for your event. When asked to select expected finish time - select the one that includes "Walkers". Those planning to do a combination of walking and running should not select the Walker Division. Walkers should note the following time limits apply: 10k - 2 Hours, 1/2 Marathon - 4 Hours and Marathon - 7 Hours. These times limits will be strictly enforced and people who do not meet the time limits will be asked to move onto the side walk.

Strollers and Dogs

No dogs are allowed in any event. Strollers are only allowed in the 2k event.

Pace Bunnies

Our 'Pace Bunnies' (wearing bunny ears and carrying pace signs) are supported by the Running Room and are there to assist runners to stay on pace to reach a desired finish time. 

Our Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend team of 55 pace bunnies is the largest contingent for any race in Canada!  Drop by and meet them at the Friendship Run, held Saturday, May 24, 9:00 a.m. at Ottawa City Hall's Festival Plaza.

On the Pace Bunny signs you will see the following information:

  • A time that represents the projected finishing time of that pacer.
  • 'c' which stands for Continuous running
  • 'r/w' stands for Run/Walk

Some pace times have both Continuous and Run/Walk pacers, others have only one or the other.

More information on running with pace bunnies can be found in this article from Running Room Magazine. Specific inquiries for the Ottawa Pace Bunny team can be sent to [email protected]

The following are the planned Pace Bunny times for each event:

Lowertown Ottawa Brewery 10K

0:40 min. c; 0:45 min. c; 50 min. c; 50 min. r/w; 55 min. c; 55 min. r/w; 60 min. c;

60 min. r/w; 65 min. c; 65 min. r/w; 70 min. r/w; 75 min. r/w;

Scotiabank Half Marathon

1:30 min. c; 1:35 min. c; 1:40 min. c; 1:45 min. c; 1:50 min. c; 1:50 min. r/w; 2 hours c; 2 hours r/w; 2:05 c; 2:10 c; 2:10 r/w; 2:15 c; 2:15 r/w; 2:30 r/w; 2:45 r/w; 2:45 w; 3 hours w; 3:15 w

Scotiabank Marathon

3 hours c; 3:05 c; 3:10 c; 3:15 c; 3:25 c; 3:30 c; 3:35 c; 3:40 c; 3:45 c; 3:50 r/w; 3:55 c; 3:55 r/w; 4 hours c; 4 hours r/w; 4:10 c; 4:15 c; 4:15 r/w; 4:30 r/w; 4:45 r/w; 5 hours r/w; 5:30 r/w

Race Bibs and Timing Devices

Your race bib must be pinned to the front of your shirt and be visible at all times.

Your race bib serves several purposes that are important for both you and the race organizers:

  • On the back of your bib is the timing device (a bar code protected by a strip of foam) that will record your time as you pass over the mats at the start line, finish line and any timing mats on course.
  • The front of your race bib indicates your designated start corral based on your predicated finish time (with the exception of the 2K and 'Scotiabank Kids Marathon' which do not have corrals). Our start line marshals need to see this to direct you to the proper corral.
  • Your race bib number is used by our on-course and finish line photographers, who take action shots and forward you a link to the proofs after the race.
  • If your race bib is on the front of your shirt, the timing mat located near the finish line will display your name to our finish line hosts who may announce that you are finishing the race.
  • Your race bib includes a claim check that can be used at our baggage tent located on the Lisgar Street side of city hall (more details below).
  • Each runner must list an emergency contact and with phone number in the designated area on the reverse of the bib. Do not put your name and contact number in this place. In case of an emergency, our medical team needs to contact someone who can assist them in caring for you.

You must verify your bib's timing device at the Health and Fitness Expo with our timing company, Sportstats. They will deal with any issues at that time at the Corrections Desk.

Baggage Check

Our Baggage Check is located on the Lisgar Street side of Ottawa City Hall. There will be signs directing runners to this free service. There is a claim tag on the front bottom of your race bib that has your race number on both sides.

The tent will be open at 2:00 p.m. for Saturday's races, 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning prior to the start of the 'Scotiabank Marathon, Scotiabank Half Marathon and Scotiabank Kids Marathon' events.

Note: We respectfully request that any bags used to drop off in baggage check be clear plastic.


  • Runners in the 5K and 10K events receive water only. There will be one water station for the 5K and three for the 10K. There are no water stations in the 2K or Kids Marathon events.
  • Stations are set up with tables on both sides of the road in most locations
  • In the marathon and half marathon events, stations are situated no more than 3 kilometres apart.
  • At each station in the marathon and half marathon, Gatorade is served first, followed by water. Gatorade flavours are orange or lemon-lime
  • Power Gels are distributed in the marathon event at 14K and 28K and in the half marathon event at 11K. PowerGel flavours are strawberry/banana, vanilla, tangerine and double latte.
  • Sponge stations for the marathon are located just after 26K and 37K and at 16K in the half marathon.

Hydration Article: Click here for an article on hydration written by Dr. John Hooper of the Ottawa Civic Hospital.


The Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend has developed a flag system to inform participants on the current weather conditions and any changes that might affect performance in their race.

A coloured flag system will be in place to correspond with weather conditions. It will be in place at the start line and at all hydration stations along the route to inform runners.

Black – Extreme heat warning: strongly advise against running.

Red - High heat warning: Those susceptible to heat are advised not to compete and all runners are advised to slow their pace and hydrate regularly.

Yellow – Moderate risk: hydrate and those at high risk should not compete.

Green – Low risk

Portable Toilets

There will be portable toilets available on Festival Plaza (adjacent to Laurier Avenue), next to the Baggage Check tent on the Lisgar Street side of City Hall and inside Confederation Park.

There will also be portable toilets set up along the course route at all Hydration Stations.


Our INFORMATION BOOTH is located on Festival Plaza at Ottawa City Hall. Look for the tall yellow vertical streamers indicating its location. Runners and spectators can visit this location to obtain race day information.

This is also the location of our Lost and Found. Any found items can be dropped off here and runners can check here to see if anything lost has been turned in.

Finish Line Etiquette

Once you have crossed the finish line, please keep moving through the finish chute. Gatorade and water will be available, your finisher medal will be presented and, for those in the marathon and half marathon, Mylar heat blankets distributed.


You will be directed into our Farm Boy Recovery Area, where a variety of refreshments will be available inside the large tent. After exiting this area, you will be guided towards the 'Friends and Family' reunion area.

Awards and Prizes

First place finishers for the following age categories in the Lowertown Ottawa Brewery 10K, Scotiabank Marathon and Scotiabank Half Marathon will be mailed out approximately one month after the completion of our event:

5K Age Category

Marathon /Half Marathon/10k Age Category

8 and Under 19 and Under
9 - 10 20 - 24
11 - 13 25 - 29
14 - 16 30 - 34
17 - 19 35 - 39
  40 - 44
  45 - 49
  50 - 54
  55 - 59
  60 - 64
  65 - 69
  70 - 74
  75 - 79
  80 +

Race Resources


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