Kids Run Ottawa

“When you cross the finish line…it will change your life forever.”  – Dick Beardsley

Kids Run Ottawa program is a community-based initiative that gets kids up and running and encourages active, healthy lifestyles from a young age.

Run Ottawa has designed a 14-week program for kids between the ages of 6-12 that can be easily implemented in the classroom or outside of the classroom in an organized run club.

This program culminates at the finish line of Scotiabank Ottawa Kids Marathon on Sunday, May 27, 2018.

Download our 2018 Kids Run Ottawa Playbook for more information.

The 14-week program officially starts on Monday, February 19, 2018!

The Kids Run Ottawa initiative is supported by Government of Ontario funding.

Kids Run Ottawa Program

If you have any questions, please email the Run Ottawa Kids Run Ottawa Program Coordinator, Lisa Georges.

Kids Run Ottawa Race Series

All of the following events include race distances specifically for kids, so that they may enjoy the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with crossing the finish line of a running event.