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Wheelchair Marathon

Sunday, May 25, 2014 - 6:55AM


  • Please check the race website for last minute announcements prior to the event.
  • Start Line will be the same as the start of the Ottawa Marathon (starting at 7:00 am). Please pay attention to final announcements.
  • Athletes are required to check in to the Marshalling Area at the start line no later than 6:45AM.
  • Included in this area will be wheelchair accessible toilet facilities.
  • Every participant must wear a ChampionChip positioned as low to the ground and as far forward on the chair as possible.
  • All wheelchair athletes are required to wear certified helmets at all times. Helmets cannot be modified. Participants who do not have a certified helmet will not be permitted to start.
  • Participants must wear the bib number supplied by the organizers in its entirety and original condition on the back and front of their racing equipment.
  • Bib Numbers are non-transferable and MUST be worn only by the participant to whom it is assigned.
  • Please complete the medical information on the back of the bib.
  • All wheelchair participants must cross the Start Line at this time to be eligible for an official finishing time.


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  • Course will follow the same route as the Ottawa Marathon.
  • Wheelchair athletes must use appropriate caution and share the course when other athletes or Official Vehicles approach to pass.
  • Participants must follow and stay on the course.
  • In most cases the entire road surface is at the athlete’s disposal. Where cones are used, shortening the course by not following the cone line is against the rules and will expose the racers to unsafe conditions.
  • Pay close attention to Race Officials during the race.
  • All participants must complete the entire course unaided, except for aid that is provided at the aid stations on the course. No personal aid from a spectator is permitted.
  • Participants cannot intentionally interfere with or touch other athletes during the race.

Finish Line:

  • Finish line will be the same as for the Ottawa Marathon.
  • Elite athletes will be accredited and may use the elite athlete hospitality area to pick up their belongings.

Wheelchair event summary and rules:

Event details are subject to change as required and we ask all participants to watch for web page announcements, read material provided at the race kit pickup and ask the organizers during the race weekend for final event plan:

  • Event follows the general rules for the wheelchair marathon as stipulated by IPC Rules for equipment – excerpt below, latest version of IPC rules applies:  
  • The wheelchair shall have at least two large wheels and one small wheel.
  • No part of the body of the chair may extend forwards beyond the hub of the front wheel and be wider than the inside of the hubs of the two rear wheels.
  • The maximum height from the ground of the main body of the chair shall be 50 cm.
  • The maximum diameter of the large wheel including the inflated tire shall not exceed 70 cm.
  • The maximum diameter of the small wheel including the inflated tire shall not exceed 50 cm.
  • Only one plain, round, hand rim is allowed for each large wheel. This rule may be waived for persons requiring a single arm drive chair, if so stated on their medical and Games identity cards.
  • No mechanical gears or levers shall be allowed, which may be used to propel the chair.
  • Only hand-operated, mechanical steering devices will be allowed.
  • Athlete should be able to turn the front wheel(s) manually both to the left and the right
  • The use of mirrors is not permitted.
  • No part of the chair may protrude behind the vertical plane of the back edge of the rear tires.
  • Chairs will be measured in the Marshalling Area.
  • Chairs that have been examined may be liable to re-examination before or after the event by the official in charge of the event.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the official conducting the event to rule on the safety of the chair.  Unsafe chairs will not be permitted to start
  • Athletes must ensure that no part of their lower limbs can fall to the ground or track during the event
  • Hand crank cycles or chairs are NOT permitted.
  • Participation in the marathon will be permitted if the athlete’s disability requires that he/she propels the racing chair by use of his/her feet/legs. However, in such a case the athlete will not be eligible for a Canadian Championship medal because he/she is not classifiable under the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) classification system for athletics and road racing. 

Failure to follow these rules may result in immediate disqualification.

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