Recovery Area

Come out and help us host the 48,000 athletes to a buffet of snacks and treats! We set up in Confederation Park across from Ottawa City Hall. Celebrate with the athletes who have completed their race and help them replenish their energy.  Please join us for 3 hours or more.


Saturday, May 28th


Prepare food for the weekend which includes slicing bagels, removing granola bars from packaging, replenishing stock and restack skids for each race


Prepare the tent with boxes of food. The runners enter the tent and take what they feel they need. As boxes are emptied, they need to be replaced with full ones. Return unused food to the refrigerator truck, clean up the tent.

Sunday, May 29th 


Move water to the distribution area. I will require a strong person for this. You will be operating a pallet lift in a 52′ trailer moving water to the back of the truck to be picked up with a fork lift. Safety boots are required for this.


Prepare bananas and yoghurt for the runners. Prepare the tent with food. Replenish and clean up as required. Prepare two water stations. Final clean-up

Contact information:

Nancy Ross [email protected]