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Run Ottawa and HTG Sports Present: The Prediction 5K

Location: Marion Dewar Plaza, Ottawa City Hall
Dates: July 2, July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30, August 6, August 13, August 20, and August 27
Cost: $0
On Site Registration: 11:40-11:59 a.m. Register online with your name and predicted time here.
Start: Approximately 12:40 less your predicted finish time
Course: See map. The turn around point is at the Canal Ritz (the exact location will be well marked).

So, you predicted the outcome of the last election and now your friends call you Nostradamus. Here’s a new challenge. Predict your running pace over 5K.

This fun and free event put on by the organizers of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is perfect for runners of all speeds. The only requirement is that you guess your 5K time and then go run a great 5K route—without a watch!

This is how it works. After gathering at Marion Dewar Plaza at noon (or a bit before if you don’t register online), we’ll set the clock for the slowest predicted time and begin the countdown. Runners start their 5K when their predicted time shows on the clock. For example, when the clock shows 30:00, runners who guessed they will run 5K in 30 minutes – or 6 minute/kms – will start. Five minutes later, runners who guessed a 25:00 time will start). To help everyone manage their time over the lunch hour the targeted FINISH time will be 12:40. So with a 30 min predicted time you should start at 12:10, with a 24 min predicted time you should start at 12:16. If you pre-registered on-line you can show up at the start on the Canal only a few minutes before your start time to check in.

The goal is to complete your run when the race clock reaches zero (00:00), which would mean you guessed your pace perfectly. If all runners guess perfectly (a running club of Nostradamuses) everyone will arrive at the finish at exactly the same time.

We’re not betting on it. We do, however, predict there will be a prize for the closest time.

Remember, this is a Timex and Garmin-free zone. If you forget to leave your watch at home, we will have stickers to place over the face. That will keep you from sneaking a peek at the 2.5k mark.

We hope you’ll join us for this very fun, free event starting July 2nd for 8 weeks at City Hall. To get a sense of numbers and paces, please register online with your name and predicted time. Registration is free!  

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