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Matthew House

Matthew House Ottawa is a volunteer-driven charitable organization that helps newly-arrived refugee claimants and others in need to establish a safe, healthy and dignified homes and community within the National Capital Region.  We do this by:

  • Providing shelter, food and refugee settlement assistance to refugee claimants so that they may begin their journey to independence as members in Canadian society; and,
  • Distributing quality used furniture and household goods to refugees and refugee claimants, those transitioning from institutions, half-way houses and shelters, and others in need.

At Matthew House Ottawa, it isn’t just about shelter or furniture. It’s about children sleeping on a bed instead of a blanket on the floor.  It’s about families sitting around a table talking and laughing while having a meal instead of holding their plates on their laps.  It’s about helping families and newcomers, young and old, single moms and the working poor make their shelter a home.

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